Sep 02

4 questions you need to Answer When intending to start a business

starting businessWay to becoming the boss over his own business certainly is not always smooth. A variety of efforts that were deployed were frequently hit by numerous obstacles and challenges to make the businessman claimed to be very patient.

Therefore, it is important for you to check out their personal mental preparedness before starting a business.

Furthermore, all the rich entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Donald Trump also have experienced tough times before finding success.

To check Your skills and endurance, the following four questions that should be answered before you start wading through the business world:

1. Are you the person who is persistent and never give up?

If you ever hear the story of the founder of KFC, Colonel Sanders, he includes a very persistent in the pursuit of his business idea. Business worth US $ 550 million was born from an effort seeking buyer for chicken Sanders shows his hand to it.

He even had a chance to experience the bad times such as divorce and bankruptcy before the end of a successful building business KFC. But he always got up and tried again.

No wonder, the tenacity to become one of the major part in building the business. People who easily give up will easily find failure in business. In short, neither the purpose can be achieved without a hitch.

2. Can the business survive with unpopular?

The founder of Pandora, Tim Westegren business taught many people the importance of exerting every effort in building a business. Though with very limited money and business that is not necessarily a success, he’s never been afraid to fail.

In the end, accepting the risk over unpopular business became one of the ways to achieve success. Practice your ability to influence others in order to build on the success of the ideal.

3. Are you afraid of failing?

The most obvious example of failure come from Thomas Alfa Edison. He was the man who finally succeeded after thousands of times tried and failed. Founder of General Electric has been proven to be not afraid of failing and ending sucked.

Understandably, employers must learn to make friends with failure. Do not despair when a fall, but rise up and do not be collapsed again in the same place. Try again is one of the ways to find the road to success is doing business.

4. Is your lifestyle has been like an entrepreneur?

Lifestyle entrepreneurs are not within everyone. Entrepreneurs have to be accustomed to accept the fact if his business failed and not be excessive when receiving a lot of finance.

Entrepreneurs tend to be tough and able to survive in the midst of a lot of problems. Consistency and persistence depart from zero, and must be a lifestyle entrepreneur.