Mar 18

4 Tips on Starting a Business From Brand HighPomp

Setting up a business it takes creativity and is not afraid to face a challenge.


As an entrepreneur, you have to dig the concept and wild ideas to launch efforts to run in accordance with expectations. Starting a business can not be done in a random, due to the need to pay attention to the ideas and creativity.

High Pomp is one of the brand’s men’s grooming in August 2014. Luky, as the owner of High Pomp, which focus on accessories and fashion female, wants to make the man becomes gentle and cool.

Offered from Hai-Online, High Pomp gives his tips 4 to open business for young children who dare to try.

1. Don’t be afraid

In starting a business, you need not be afraid to start it as if afraid you will not be able to start the business. In addition, you should also be smart to see opportunities and do not be afraid of failure. “Because if afraid to start a business, a business that can not walk. Be smart to see the opportunity, if we see an opportunity, advanced wrote first. Do shadows fail or succeed, because if we do not try we will never know what the outcome, “said Luky.

2. Management

Pay attention to a management in starting or when running such business is also one of the important factors. This relates to the internal management of your business that will be promoted to the external. “As much as possible the management that we are strong, so that clear cash flow, accounting, and all of that stuff. Because if the bad, then our internal to external customer, we will also be bad, “added Luky.

3. The concept

The concept is one of the factors that are vital in building enough effort. The clarity of a concept is an important thing, as willing to sell anything, want to sell, market planning and financial planning are also noted. Note the competitor or competitors of the undertakings to be built because it would be the opposite of the effort you guys later. Although it’s cliche, but every effort should be pursued.

4. Don’t give up

In any business, do it with a vengeance. When you see competitors doing promo specials manner, then you do not need to fear because the number of inhabitants in each city a lot. If he (competitors) could reach 1%, we also have 1% of loyal customers alike we are, so we need not doubt the quality of the goods we are, and who we are. “