Oct 14

An important position which Supports the development of A Startup

position in business startupWorld entrepreneur has been a revival of people to invest. The value of investments that can be used to open a large unique startup. As for those who only have limited funds, can turn the brain to start on a small startup. Definitely looks cool Yes when we invest and learn to do business, rather than just deposit an investment in the form of deposits that appear to be passive.

But we must realize that not just funds and ideas needed to start and succeed in a startup. Continuous innovation backed by a solid and dedicated team is also one of the key success criteria. So, don’t get one vote people in shaping the team work in a startup You Yes. To be more meticulous in recruiting team members, check out used to be a few important positions yuk will support the development of your startup:

1. Sales

The position of this one seems to be the cutting edge for you to begin to develop the business. Any business Model, both the products and services they need to improve sales force turnover.

A good, the sales force is able to sell a product or service and get people who have bought the field must continue to purchase your business. Even now many startups dared to employ sales personnel with rewards in the form of higher commissions and salary standards. Start training the sales force to do product marketing effectively and modern.

2. Financial services

Personnel in the field of financial services is needed by any startup. HUMAN RESOURCES in the financial section will help you to organize your bookkeeping of income and expenditure as well as seeking let or regulating the flow of funds. A New Startup begins may feel that financial power is not crucial, but along with the development of business certainly you feel require this one position to start regulating the flow of funds in the business.

3. Marketing

Marketing positions closely related to sales. Good Marketing is able to make a good product branding image and increasingly popular. This positive things will certainly impose sales figures rise.
So it is not surprising that at this time, many startups that utilizes the services of professionals to make a concerted effort in modern marketing ranging from creating an account on social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well as put an ad online.

4. Public relations

Publicist becomes a bridge to your start up with audiences. A good public relations professionals will help to build a positive relationship with the community about the event with investors. Power publicist must be people who are wise and cool-headed in building good relationships with other people. Thus, the existence of this public relations position will greatly help you to grow a startup in a positive and modern armed with the support of the community as well as investors.

5. Office Management

How do you feel when you walked into a room a neat Office, impressed with minimalist cool water temperatures and full aroma of citrus that comfortable?

You’ll feel very comfortable and was impressed with the company. The State company’s interior reflects a State of startup professionals and able to appreciate others who reside outside the startup environment. Well, this is the important role of the Office management positions to make his base camp your startup into a comfortable, stylish and professional impression.

6. HRD (Human Resources Development)

Recruiting reliable and good quality human resources is becoming a necessity in building a startup. An important thing to do on this one, you certainly could not on its own. You need support from professionals who are able to create and run a system of recruitment and HR can judge which one is suitable to join your startup.

7. Position governing the legality of

Legality is not considered able to lightly in building a startup. You certainly do not want to do the startup that built slowly began to crumble because of legal issues and legality. To that end, human resources invite begin to understand about the rule of law and legality to join your startup and help deliver the right solution for every problem of the law and the legality of the case.

We recommend that you do not consider any position above as Your servants, but make it their business partners. Start embracing them to team up and create the startup of your dreams. It is not easy to unite the many heads to have one vision, but believes that a solid team is much better than a music entrepreneur who’s many treasures.