Oct 09

Choosing the right Business Startup Name

success stratupMany have assumed that the name is prayer. Yes, it is true that the existence of such expressions. Choose a name not just one of the things important in beginning the process of human life. Currently, the name also becomes an important element to build up trademarks. The name that is unique and easy to remember people will be a positive thing for a business which began to be developed or are popular with startups.

Now many unique startup to develop themselves creatively and very innovative. We as modern society surely cannot lose the creative moment want to pioneer a startup. One of the simple creative ideas can be realized when choosing the right startup name. Here are some tips on how to choose the right startup name:

1. Adjust with the concept of a Startup that is carried

The concept of what we will start up stretcher? What is the concept of culinary products are cheap and unique, or other products and service concept?

Let’s really preparation in advance the concept of a startup that will we stretcher. Culinary products usually require a very unique name and impressed different from the others. While startup technology and services typically require a simple name but the actual quality and was impressed.

2. Start with something unique

Name unique startup turns out to have its own capability to provoke the curiosity of the prospect. A unique startup names sometimes successful enamour the prospect through the concept of a unique name. So, why do we not try to create a name that is unique and creative.

3. Use easy words

Words that are easily pronounced also became one of the important things for a startup. For what we create a very unique name and the name of the fact that intellectual deviation in fact so hard to pronounce or remembered by others as well as our own. Take an easy approach to step through the selection of a name that is easy to remember. We recommend that you never use more than 3 words when naming a startup so that the name of the startup so it is easier to remember.

4. No need to Imitate Others

Do not adopt names that already have selling points on the concept of our startup. Similar names will only make customers thought of the popularity and strength of the startup that already exists. It is precisely this will harm our startup because customers might be able to start discerning the quality of our startup with startup whose name we modifications.

5. Two Syllables are not the problem

Many successful startup by relying on a very simple name and no more than 2 syllables. Some of them, the Path, i.e. Google, Facebook and Twitter, DropBox is certainly not a startup that is unfamiliar to us. Begin to learn the concept and think of unique names that consist of two syllables for start up we will use. Two syllables would certainly be more easily remembered by others than the name that is too long.

6. The domain is not an Obstacle

The Domain is one of the important things when we decide to break a startup. Domain names are used to generally reflect our startup. For example, Google has a domain name of Google.com. However, if the domain that we want to wear it was unavailable, then we can use another domain name that the addition of certain words. For example, if the name of our startup is a Mini Project, then we can use a domain like IDminiproject.com or Miniprojectapp.com. Quite catchy and not deviated much from our startup name isn’t it?

Now the choice is of course there is in our hands. Starting a startup is not only paying attention to the supply and demand for products and services that we offer. Because building a branding is also very important. A successful Brand is certainly becoming a favorite brand community that will always be remembered for all time.