Sep 12

How to Prepare To Establish Startup

startupOne day Steve Wozniak, not Jobs – when playing in the Homebrew Computer Club invented a device that ultimately created the word “Personal Computer.”

This time it was Steve Jobs – then keen to market the device, first he asked his boss at the time at Atari, Nolan Bushnell, to fund and rebuffed. Mike Markkula (ex Fairchilds and Intel) saw an opportunity and fund young Woz and Jobs. Then from there the business startup named Apple was born.

What distinguishes the “startup” with a company is basically the process of formation of the company, general paradigm is that a startup company departs from the idea while departing from the capital.

This paradigm is reinforced by the history of his birth Fairchilds, the startup’s first semi-conductor in the United States – perhaps the world. In short Fairchilds born of defection 8 smart engineers from Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory and found Fairchilds Semiconductors with the cost of the Sherman Fairchild.

Forming part of a startup and the company is the same, namely; ideas, skills, guts, and hockey. Sustainability components: capital and beneficiaries. But very often the opinion of those are all the companies are one-man show – although it is true for some companies – many of which are the result of great teamwork.

Myth one man show is usually what makes a business (either startup or not) stalled, or not moving anywhere. It feels like there is a culture that is becoming a trend for entrepreneurs, where they become too scared to compete or share. Whereas the components above can not usually be carried out by one person only.

Most startups with all the independent spirit of idealism and sometimes feel that they can move without the help of others. And sometimes this causes problems in the end.