Oct 04

Many Startup Entrepreneur Who Fails

start up entrepreneurIn the modern era of today, being a startup entrepreneur is one of the things that started “. With the lure of abundant income, as well as being a person who is known to many people make people want to go into this world. Social Media Facebook is one startup that is able to achieve his success. See how the life of its founder business development as well as current Facebook that keeps creeping up, a lot of people who want to be like Mark Zuckerberg.

Due to the success of its predecessor, the startup time is just more and more startup are popping up, could even be likened to every day there’s always a startup being born into the world. Of all the startup who was born earlier, there are some that can merangkan up slowly and then can produce a clear profit. Not the least of which was considered by startup companies and eventually purchased at a price which is pretty fantastic. Unfortunately there’s little startup that finally died could not compete and fight well.

Shikhar Ghosh, a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School has ever done a study. The research was done from 2000, from startup to startup-2000 proved to be only 25% can survive and can achieve his success. While the 75% remainder slowly but inevitably fail and die by itself. So it could be concluded that being a startup entrepreneur it is not easy. The same difficulty in building a business, etc. Therefore need for tricks in order to travel into an entrepreneur of a business startup is not included into the 75% business startup that died.