Sep 19

Startup Development Cycle

startup developmentAs with any startup, also has a life cycle of a life of its own. In his book entitled “Corporate Lifecycles: How and why the corporation grow and die and what to do about it“, Ichak Adizes posited a startup usually experience some developmental phases as follows:

Courtship: taken literally, could be interpreted as “the courtship”. This period is generally characterized by the bubbling enthusiasm, testing the idea in real life, the emergence of commitment within the founder, product orientation on high.
Infant: in this phase, usually the risk does not shake the commitment of the founders. Cash flow remained negative in the position. In addition, the condition that is full of limitations make the founders had to work hard and fertilize its commitment. One might say managerial conditions, systems and delegation was still of concern and chaotic team.
Go-go: In this level, the founders could turn arrogant. The decision was taken based on instincts/intuition, and centered on the founder. The priorities that should be taken is also very much.
Adolescence: conflict between the decision makers. Those in the initial vision loss startup in various levels. The founder of the company received authority, there was a tug in the process of delegation of authority. The policy also created but rarely adhered to.
Prime: the acceleration Occurs in all fields. Managerial training, however, is still not adequate. Internal feud still took place but declined. Cash flow improved.
Stable: Expectations of growth to be lower. Focus on past achievements is also larger than the focus for future achievement. Start a vassal in Exchange for granting encountered or fellow who likes to lick. Interpersonal relationships also became more important than the risks.
Aristocracy: the money is spent for the amenities and conveniences. Given also the emphasis on how to do something, rather than on what and why. Formalities appeared in clothing and traditions. Lower internal innovation. More cash rich.
Early Bureaucracy: appearing Early pressure on who raises the issue of what makes a problem (aiming for people than to be the problem). It triggers the onset of more internal feud. The company works slowed down due to anxiety. The focus was on its ‘ political ‘ companies rather than consumers.
Bureaucracy: many systems appear but only few are functioning properly. There will be more focus on the environment. Desire for control is also declining. Customers should develop detailed approach in order to work effectively.
Death: death of a startup occurs if all of the parties are in a startup is releasing its commitment, either gradually or simultaneously.