Jan 06

Think Twice If Opening Up All The Things About Your Startup To Team Members

team workThink, what would happen if a senior manager was hijacked by competitors?

All list and your relationship with your client will be leaked to competitors, worse yet, all Your strategy – perhaps to Your strategic steps a year ahead will leak as well.

How to solve it? Probably can’t be resolved, you can do a co-founder is limiting the leakage of information.

It is not easy, of course, one way is to just give the information to the team member concerned only. So if the head of The Division was hijacked, he only leaked information in the area that he knows it.

Lest there be team member that can be hijacked (IE. By increase the salary), he could divulge the strategic plan you until some years into the future-related business (marketing) and operational (IT), not to mention the list of clients that he brought, the action plan of Division marketing, IT, expansion plan etc. – this is because you do not restrict the information you provide.

It is even possible, each Division has its own office space – in some startup, it is workable, but also many that are not workable.