Dec 17

Three Great Apps for Investors

stocks investmentIf there is one thing that an investor knows, it’s that they never know when an opportunity might strike. The newest smartphones let you stay in touch with clients via email and set up alerts that will let you know when new opportunities arise. You can even sync your phone to your work computer to remain on top of breaking news and other information. While you can depend on your phone for a number of different things, you can get more use out of that device when you download the best apps for investors.

Stock Guru Pro

Stock Guru Pro comes with a higher price tag than you might expect, but your $20 investment is well worth it. This is a great app for those who are new to the world of investing. It gives you basic information about how certain companies and stocks perform, and you can see the history of how those stocks rose and fell over the last few years. While it might not get too deep into the details that experts and professionals need, the app provides more than enough information for new investors to make split-second decisions.

ChartIQ Practice Trading Simulator

When you invest in the stock market, you might feel your heart racing and jumping all over the place as economic factors change. With the ChartIQ Practice Trading Simulator, you can get in control of your emotions. This app lets you see how certain factors can and will affect the market. You can see what would happen to your investments if the market crashed tomorrow and what would happen if the price on your stocks increased dramatically. You’ll also have access to historical data that shows you what happened in the past and how you can better prepare for similar scenarios.

Forbes Intelligent Investing

Forbes Intelligent Investing is a must have app for any investor. This app gives you up to date information about specific companies and the stock market, but it also lets you load articles that pique your interest right on your device. Forbes also gives you access to exclusive videos from some of the top investment professionals and track the investments that you made in the last year. If you need to know more about making investments, consider reading some Online Trading Academy reviews and looking at how you can enroll in an investment training program.