Nov 03

What Is A Startup? How The Development Of The World Of Business Startup

success startupWhat is a Startup? Probably still a lot of people who have not understood the term. The Word Startup means the Act or process of starting a new organization or business venture. According to Wikipedia, the Startup referred to a company that not long ago. These companies are largely a new company was founded and is in a phase of development and research to find the right market.

The above definition is probably more on terminology, but according to the authors would be easier if the term Startup interpreted as a new company that is being developed. Began to develop late 90s until 2000, in fact the term Startup many “mated” with all the smells of technology, web, internet and related to the domain. Why did it happen?

If we look back it turned out it happens because the term itself started Startup internationally popular during the dot-com bubble, then what’s the dot-com bubble? dot-com bubble phenomenon is when during the period (1998-2000) many dot-com companies founded simultaneously.

At that time being intensively company opened a personal website. The more people who know the internet as new fields to start his business. And that time anyway, the Startup was born and developed. Startup of the new company not only in touch with technology, cyberspace, applications or product, but could also be about services and economic movement of grassroots people could independently without the help of corporations-corporations and established.

There is information about the characteristics of a company that can classify a startup. Some characteristics of these Startup companies are:

  • The age of the company is less than 3 years
  • Number of employees less than 20 people
  • Income is less than $ 100,000/year
  • Still in developing stage
  • Generally operate in the field of technology
  • The products are made in the form of applications in digital form
  • Usually operate through the website

From these characteristics may seem that startup more leaning to moving companies in technology and the web. But the fact of the matter is indeed like that, now the development of a common company name labeled startup is a company that deals with the world of techno and online.
The Startup world in Indonesia

Development by Startup could be said fairly rapidly uplifting. Each year, even each month many co-founder, co-founder (owner) emerging Startup. Potential internet users increasingly rising from year to year is certainly a wetland to build a Startup.

Based on some research, according to the latest data of We Are Social, active internet users worldwide now reaches 31.7 billion figures. From year to year, the number of internet users grew to 7.6 percent. The growth of internet users also has an effect on the growth of social media and mobile users. According to the same report, active social media users now reach 2.2 billion, while mobile users reach 3.7 billion, imagine how many internet users in the next few years. Besides the increased purchasing power in line with the rise in per capita income of people in the developing world influenced the development of the digital industry.

Startup classified in three groups, the Startup game creators, educational applications and Startup Startup trade such as e-commerce and information. According to her educational games and applications Startup have market potential and open. This is because the process of making educational games and applications is relatively easy.

The most important thing is to set up a Startup is a solid team, due to the presence of a solid team can bring up new ideas in creative and innovative. With the right ideas and execution, is certainly the founder will have no trouble attracting people’s interest or find investors.

In an interview conducted by a reporter of economic News for Molly Nagler (Startup Mentors in Silicon Valley), Molly says that almost all Startup failed, but the failure of it should not be seen as something negative because there are still many positive sides in it. The point is if a co-founder of Startup failed during execution so he had the opportunity to learn something new and new science, such as the concept of trial and error in General.