Nov 22

10 Novels Contains About Entrepreneurship

novelA thousand roads lead to Rome. Likewise, how can we turn in the study of entrepreneurship. There are many roads. One of them is to use literary works as the novel as a unique learning tool. If you believe that a work of literature can not increase the knowledge entrepreneurship You, maybe it’s because you haven’t read foreign novels here.

Gain“: the Novel written by Richard Powers. It is a blatant difference between the life of the man and the company. If you haven’t read “Powers“, would probably be interested in the “Gold Bug Variations” or “Galatea 2.2.”

The an instrument financier.en“: Theodore Dreiser’s Works as well as being the first book in a trilogy based on the real-life Philadelphia financier and investor, CT Yerkes. The triumph, fall and resurrection is again the subject of an interesting story. You will find a novel filled with history and evocative story.

Cryptonomicon“: the novelist Neal Stephenson wrote a paper with a complex plot description. You will be treated with a large amount of information pertaining to World War II code with splitting with programmer / entrepreneur in mind. Simply drain the brain.

The Space Merchants“: this Novel is the result of the hard work of two novelists: Fred Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth. The Space Merchants is probably the best work of satire from the advertising business has ever seen. Like Mad Men combined with Blade Runner. Ad man of the future should design campaigns to persuade human colonies Earth dwellers to move to Venus. Quite witty and imaginative.

The Goal“: Eliyahu Goldratt wrote The Goal as a novel with great themes business but had the nuances of fictional. A business book that is packaged as an interesting novel that entertains. But this novel is quite interesting as a business book that isn’t boring.

The First 20 Million is Always the Hardest“: Author Po Bronson exposes the story behind the phenomenon of dotcom bubble early in the Decade of 2000.

The Godfather“: the Novel “The Godfather” was written as a book of entrepreneurship is good enough. In the meantime, there are some lessons in entrepreneurship which can be obtained by reading the book while not directly and can be applied directly into the daily activities of being a young entrepreneur.

North to the Night“: the book “North To The Night” by Alvah Simon is not a business book, but it is a book that shows the persistence of people to conquer fear, purpose and desire them. This book contains the stories of real-life action adventure that provides a wide range of meaningful lesson in entrepreneurship.

Atlas Shrugged Author Ayn Rand:” focus on the wonders and benefits of capitalism (which became direct ancestors of entrepreneurship) and is considered to be the “business” of the novel, if indeed such a genre existed.

The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand: still, this novel about a young visionary architect who took extreme measures to make his vision a reality. This protagonist shows personality traits of an entrepreneur who is determined, individualistic, persistent, and unconventional. What makes this novel even more interesting is the conflict and contradiction between the main character with other characters.