May 19

No Need to Be Entrepreneur to Teach the Entrepreneurship

entrepreneur educationMost people think that in teaching entrepreneurship in schools and colleges or institutions of formal education, one must be an entrepreneur first. However, according to teachers and female entrepreneurs from India Saras Saravathy, become entrepreneurs before teaching entrepreneurship is not an absolute requirement.

He claimed that all depends on the goal of teaching entrepreneurship. “If teaching is intended to help as many students become entrepreneurs in the future after graduation, experience as an entrepreneur is a little much needed a teacher. By doing so, he will be able to know the constraints and conditions on the ground, not merely a theoretical level. Did not matter if he was successful or not , which is already trying to do business, “he said.

Saras added, “If teaching entrepreneurship that aims to encourage students to set up their own new venture, it is strongly recommended that the teachers should do self-employment, running a business first., But if you just want to make the students have a way of thinking that is owned by the entrepreneur to be applied in any field in life , no need for a teacher to become an entrepreneur first. (It is) a useful, but not Necessary experience. “