Nov 27

3 Quality Readings to be read at the end of year Holidays

the_art_of_startWith the increasing proximity of the year-end holidays, the right to establish quality reading materials to enrich your insight at your leisure. From reading other types of readings is less beneficial for your personal development as a young entrepreneur, read some book startup. Although there are a number of great entrepreneur books, Let’s select three that have a theme of entrepreneurship and widely read by entrepreneur startup:

“The Art of the Start”

Guy Kawasaki is the King of the startup story and speech, and this is one of the best books on the market in terms of wisdom and energy.

“Getting Real”

Thirty-seven signals that people know about what they are doing and this book lays out a nice approach to building a strong company with a product that is dogmatic.


Patrick Lencioni’s strategy and culture and this book does not disappoint with the prove that corporate culture is the most valuable asset for employers.