Nov 03

A list of Colleges that are Creating Many of the Billionaires

University of PennsylvaniaA College turned out to be not only educated people for passing only. But the College is also capable of printing a billionaire.

Quoted from CNN Money, Sunday (21/9/2014), the results of a study conducted by Wealth-X and UBS with a heading “Billionaire Census” found that some of the world famous University is able to print a billionaire.

The billionaire who scored the most universities include the University of Pennsylvania. In a subsequent order are some of the other universities in America.

But in addition, there are also a few universities that are not so visible he is also capable of printing a billionaire. An example is the University of Mumbai and Moscow State University.

Based on the same study there is a surprising fact. Nearly 35 percent of the millionaires did not pass the College.

Here’s a list of colleges which graduated the most billionaires:

  • University of Pennsylvania (25 Millionaires)
  • Harvard University (22 Millionaires)
  • Yale University (20 Millionaires)
  • The University of Southern California (16 Millionaires)
  • Princeton University (14 Millionaires)
  • Cornell University (14 Millionaires)
  • Stanford University (14 Millionaires)
  • University of California, Berkeley (12 Millionaires)
  • University of Mumbai (12 Millionaires)
  • London School of Economics (11 Millionaires)
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University (11 Millionaires)
  • University of Texas (10 millionaires)
  • Dartmouth College (10 millionaires)
  • University of Michigan (10 millionaires)
  • New York University (9 Millionaires)
  • Duke University (9 Millionaires)
  • Columbia University (8 Millionaires)
  • Brown University (8 Millionaires)
  • Mass. Institute of Technology (7 Millionaires)
  • ETH Zurich (6 Millionaires).