Dec 29

Are You An Entrepreneur?

entepreneurshipTry googling the following sentence “are you an entrepreneur?” an awful lot of questions to yourself before starting a business.

Here are 10 traits of a young entrepreneur who is collected from various sources.

Always looking for opportunities. This is an initial definition of an entrepreneur. Any issues that you feel, see, hear is an opportunity.

Who you work all the time, every day, and the time it could not be determined? A entrepreneur not working 9-5, 9-9, sometimes even 9 – 2.

Good health. You can’t answer “Yes” to the number 2 above, before you are given health and discipline all the time.

You have a unique product or service? Most of the young entrepreneur has a myriad of ideas, and most haven’t thought of others. But experiencing the dilemma does not know which to choose. The trick is to find one idea which is really promising and have the discipline to not select another idea.

Do you want to do at this time to sacrifice long-term success? Do not be surprised when people around you start asking “what are you still sane?”as they see your life isn’t like a normal person, irregular working hours, they may be right, but you know that you are doing it for long term success.

Honesty and integrity. Often we have a partner or co-worker without a contract legally. This is because you have to move fast, and in the end you have no legal basis in case of something. Then, you should work with someone who is honest and has integrity. That is, your own absolute must have high integrity and honesty.

You have a vision far into the future, but have the ability to focus on what you do at this time. An entrepreneur is a blend of: a dreamer, one who sometimes not realistic, and have a strong desire to get what you want. You have to focus on what you do at this time while looking at ‘ something big ‘, as well as the often ignored the rest. “Focus on what you do at this time” is the stuff of routine should you prepare to survive in the business world such as making proposals, presented the project, a lobbying partner and performing billing project. “Having the vision forward” is what you’ll wake up 10 years from now. We do not know what happened this week, next month, let alone a year. The next time we do not know at all. However, the continuation of a long-term trend can actually be seen, although we don’t know the exact time.

Confident as an entrepreneur and proud against your vision. Show us that you’re proud of against your vision! Thus, people who believe in your vision will come closer.

Discipline. It is closely associated with many of the properties in this list, you must be disciplined in observing the health (number 2), then you could work hard (number 3), so you can focus on one product or service that you have chosen (number 4)

Ready to say, “I don’t know, but I would think.”Entrepreneurship should be a generalist. They mastered one thing very well, but he must know about many other things, because sometimes he had to do it all yourself, such as bookkeeping, recruiting, make sales, an entrepreneur should also have the capability of taking good decisions, such as having to hire an offshore merchant account the right people to do the job.