Feb 19

Business School is not the same as the Entrepreneurship School

school educationMost people Assume that the business school (business school) and the school of entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship schools) is the same. However, both the Department of higher education are two different things.

People who study in the fields of business, bigger is directed to employees as well as business owners. While when someone goes into entrepreneurship school, the choice is not so the employees, but rather to be an entrepreneur.

During this time there were misunderstanding the public about business school. Therefore, he continued, the understanding of entrepreneurship school should be more encouraged in order to straighten out the understanding of the people, so that it can distinguish between a business school with an entrepreneurship school.

Thus, should be promoted. Because of the way his studies indeed have been different. Entrepreneurship school had more practice. They are taught how to do business directly. In fact, the students are also invited to learn to create business, Because this is a very important issue, in addition to its marketing.

People who learn about entrepreneurship, indirectly will learn the business. While people who learn in business school, not necessarily guarantee one becoming an entrepreneur. The reason, Because The business school is indeed directing a person up to become experts in the fields of marketing, management and employees. While the entrepreneurial school, directs a person up to become an entrepreneur.

Inside entrepreneurship school, more students are taught in the form of practice or learning by doing. For example, the practice of opening the business and serve customers. While if only business school “to know” of his course.

Therefore, entrepreneurship education is indeed DEMANDED to change the way teachers teach that not always the theoretical course. The practice is very important so that students are Able to understand the attitudes and skills needed to be a good and successful entrepreneur.