Jun 25

Character Of An Entrepreneur

entrepreneurshipIn order to succeed, an entrepreneur must have the characters a particular behaviours. Therefore, an entrepreneur is human choices appearing different than most humans. They certainly have advantages-advantages.

Geoffrey g. Meredith, an economist with the world posited characteristics that should belong to a successful entrepreneur. These characters include:

* Believe in yourself

An entrepreneur must have the self-assurance of the abilities he had in running its business as well as in the face of problems that must be faced when running the business. Self-assurance is also should be coupled with an attitude of self-sufficiency and a sense of optimism.

* Customer driven tasks and results

A true entrepreneur always has certain objectives which he set up in business for maximum results. And, as a business person, certainly the spider became one of the main objectives. In an attempt to achieve existing goals, an entrepreneur must have perseverance and fortitude, have determination, like working hard, energetic and full of initiative.

* Risk takers

An entrepreneur must dare to take risks, even love will be a challenge.

* Leadership

An entrepreneur must be able to act as a leader. He should be able to put itself in the middle of his retainers very well, as well as with various outside parties who should he meet each day related to the business of living.

* Original

An entrepreneur should have a high creativity and able to create innovation-innovation in its business. In the absence of creativity to create original ideas, certainly an entrepreneur wouldn’t be able to survive in the world of business competition.

* Future-oriented.

An entrepreneur should not be stuck with a narrow mind and a plan-a plan in the short term only. He must have a long-term plan and way of thinking that is oriented towards the continuity of the business in the future.

* Willing to take criticism

A true entrepreneur did not consider criticism as a scary thing. Criticism is an input means to improve.


Meanwhile, experts of other economists, m. Scarborough Thomas w. Zimmerer and suggests eight must-have characteristics of an entrepreneur:

1. have a sense of responsibility for the efforts that he did.

2. prefer a moderate risk.

3. Believe her abilities to succeed.

4. always wants immediate feedback.

5. are oriented toward the future, perspective, and an insightful far into the future.

6. have a spirit of work and working hard to realize his wish for the sake of a better future.

7. have skills in organizing resources to create added value.

8. Always judge achievements with money.


In achieving its success, an entrepreneur has a characteristic-specific characteristics. The book “Entrepreneurship and Small Enterprise Development Report” focuses on three characters who owned a successful entrepreneur.

* Proactive

Has the initiative in doing business and firm when making decisions.

* Performance Orientated

Reflected on the viewpoints and the action taken when a business opportunity there is in plain sight. A successful Entrepreneur is also aware of the importance of efficiency in running the business, giving priority to quality in the execution of the work, have a good planning abilities and not to forget the importance of supervision.

* A commitment to another party

The success of an entrepreneur also affected his ability to meet a commitment to another party, for example in the contract business.