Jun 23

Definition of Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurial and Entrepreneur

entrepreneurshipThese last few years, said a conversation entrepreneurship in universities. This is not apart of the phenomenon of many college graduates are unemployed, because the number of graduates is not proportional to the available jobs. These conditions encourage practitioners in higher education is to reorient the graduates are assessed solely prepared as a job seeker, not a job creator.

The term entrepreneurship first introduced by Richard Cantillon, an Irish economist who lived in France in the 18th century . He defines entrepreneurship as, ” The agent who buys means of production at the cerium prices in order to combine them into a new product. ” He stated that the entrepreneur is a risk taker. Not long after the French JB Say and Cantillon be perfect definition, ” One who brings other people together in order to build a single productive organism. ” This means that entrepreneurs occupy a broader function. ie a person who organizes others to productive activities.

The new one next century British economist Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill discusses this concept and stated that entrepreneurship is a skill that is not unusual, but did not find the appropriate term in the English language. Smith and Mill call, business management. John Stuart Mill separating functions between the entrepreneur who receives the income and receive interest. Expanded again by Schumpeter that puts human beings as the central factor of the economic development process. In the process of entrepreneurs to innovate in product form or manner. and exploitation of new sources.

Currently, there is confusion between the terms of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and entrepreneurial, and entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is the entrepreneurial spirit that built to bridge between science with the ability of the market. Entrepreneurship includes the creation of new enterprises, activities and managerial skills required of an entrepreneur.

Intrapreneurship is defined as an entrepreneur that occurs within an organization that bridges the gap between science with the market demand.

Currently, the entrepreneur is defined as someone who brings resources such as labor, materials, and other assets in a combination that adds greater value than ever before, and is also attached to the person who brought change, innovation, and new rules. Meanwhile, the term is entrepreneurial activity in running the business.