Jul 01

Entrepreneur Still Need Lecture

entrepreneur educationMany people are obsessed with becoming an entrepreneur then left college after reading the success stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and many successful businessmen who drop out in their youth. But, you know higher education for an entrepreneur to finish still better for an entrepreneur than none at all?

A recent study from the Pew Research Center stated that the college on campus still has tangible benefits to an entrepreneur. Despite the increasing cost of college education has skyrocketed from time to time, the cost of tuition at a private college in the U.S. in 2013, for example, over 13 percent above the overall inflation during the last 5 years. Although the cost of debt is not a bit of education, higher education is still the best investment that can be done in terms of ensuring the level of income, life balance and career achievement in the future for someone.

As quoted from Entrepreneur.com, generally those that receive and complete higher education have a future far brighter than those who do not. So if you go to college, why you should avoid it?