Nov 04

Entrepreneurship is in your DNA

Barack ObamaEntrepreneurship is in your DNA,” wrote U.S. President Barack Obama in an article entitled “Medium.com” Why I’m betting on You to Help Shape the New American Economy. ” In it, Obama delivered his belief in the young generation who want to embody ideals as an entrepreneur with realizing new business ideas and founded a startup “for decades to come”.

“So here’s what we know for sure: the next American Generation not only adapt to the 21st-century economy. Were you actively change it, “and we know that when we invest your potential, rather than relying on their already great, our economy in General will be improved.”

Obama said that the younger generation is currently “more well-educated, compounds, and familiar with the digital world than previous generations”.

Obama also revealed that the Government of the country Uncle Sam tries to help a young entrepreneur in the “new economy” it by issuing a variety of schemes and assistance, special loans from the student to the Affordable Care Act. He also wrote that “our technology sector (United States – red) into the many benefits of making” the envy of other Nations “.

“An innovation that drives the economy And this is not just happening in Silicon Valley,” wrote Obama. “From Kansas City to Colorado to Silicon Beach in LA, entrepreneur turns brilliant ideas into great companies.”

Obama asserted that America is by growth in employment the brightest since the Decade of the 1990s and the unemployment rate according to Obama already declined below 6% for the last 6 years for the first time.

This is not the first time Obama tried pushing citizens to dabbling in entrepreneurship. A year ago, the first Black President in the u.s. announced its pledge to support the efforts of the global startup and set goals together to assist a new entrepreneur 500 thousand in the whole world with the help of UPS Global, based in Seattle, USA.