Sep 17

Get To Know The Term Prosumer

prosumerThe word “consumer” has the connotation of a less positive because it seems to put people as beings who continuously spend something. Association close to avarice, greed and indifference. Several parties began to prefer the use of the word “prosumer” when referring to the consumer.

Whoever they are? We are all prosumer. Creator of the term “prosumer” is Alan Tofler of Fortune Magazine, which is known as a futurist. Tofler introduces the concept of the digital revolution, communications revolution and technological singularity. He used these words in a brief article. Prosumer, one consumer who is productive. As to whether these people? They are the ones who make their own goods and services that they need.

Tofler introduced prosumer terminology since 1980. Roughly, the definition prosumer refers to the general consumer prediction will become more active in helping raise or designing for personal goods and services on the market, changing its role as a consumer good to be more complete.

By far the most prevalent use of terminology that describes consumers, fans who purchase products (almost always technical) between consumer and professional level of standards in terms of quality, complexity, or functionality.

Prosumer also usually refers to products made by consumers who are willing to set aside time to help the process of product design or improvement of the services which in turn later on also will they enjoy.

In the category of camera and video recorder products, we can find the same term, but refers to the different shades of meaning. Prosumer here more leads on a semi-professional League, he is taller than the standard consumer good but also not as high as the professional standard. Prosumer product features better than ordinary consumer products for which standards needs only. Prosumer products created to meet the expectations of consumers who are in the Middle but not to enter the professional and amateur categories. They are generally well-educated and more insightful than ordinary consumers so that their demands for a product or service is also higher.

Back on the meaning of the definition in the prosumer Tofler, prosumer or consumer who produce this are able to create items for their own use and may also be profitable to sell them.