Oct 02

Good Leadership Sets the Direction that Everyone Wants to Follow

Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you are a good leader. You may have the last word, but it could be based on mediocrity. Good leadership requires creative thinking and the ability to be flexible and adapt when facing problems. You must be able to inspire others to see and pursue your vision, according to your parameters so that you and your employees share the vision, the effort and the success.

According to people who have years of experience in leadership positions such as Glen Gonzalez, leadership in the business world requires motivating people from a stagnant position to a desirable result. The leader needs to project his or her expertise to gain the confidence of others. Your employees or team need to trust you and have confidence in your vision for the company and commitment to realize that vision.

A good leader doesn’t just express the vision in words to inspire others. He or she must be able to act, take a stand and take the first steps towards success. They must show the way through example and not rely on their position or power to move others. In some cases, a good leader can take an average team and turn them into superstars. They inspire their employees to reach their top potential and beyond every day.

Leadership is about influencing others in a specific way. A leader may have a vibrant personality, important objectives as well as the formal position of leader, but these qualities alone will not be enough to move people. They may require these characteristics, but they must also have the ability to influence people to see the future possibilities and show them the road map to reaching these goals.

All areas of endeavor require good leadership, including educational institutions, athletic clubs, government and business. The leader must be able to accurately diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the company or institution and prescribe the effective treatment or solutions. Today, transformational leadership involves a sense of mission while learning, motivating and inspiring new ways of thinking to boost workforce performance and competency.

Management and leadership may or may not be the same. You can be a good manager and not a good leader and vice versa. However, to be good at both, you must be a manager who has the ability to inspire and motivate others. Managers focus on supervising results and correcting deviations. A leader focuses on energizing workers to exercise their own judgment to overcome challenges and reach goals.

A good leader also has the right perspective on power. If he or she seeks power within the institution rather than personal power, they may be a better business leader. Those who seek personal power can change that focus to be a better leader in a workplace environment.

Leadership is about energizing others towards achieving a specific goal, and this is not learned overnight. It’s not through fear a good leader works, but through inspiration. With today’s global business culture, leaders are faced with a large workforce diversity, which makes their job even more challenging. Leaders need to draw on their own capacity to adapt, communicate and motivate while using theoretical and practical knowledge of leadership skills and strategies to bring the right attitude to the job to gets results.