Jan 01

Here’s 10 Campuses Producing CEOs of Fortune Global 500

harvardAlthough not 100% guarantee your success as an entrepreneur, your place studying it also has a major role. Grade campus allows potential entrepreneurial person more evolved and honed in the future. Then where the college graduates who have entrepreneurs the most superior in the world today?

Times Higher Education magazine conducted a survey to answer these questions. In the survey findings, expressed Harvard University ranked first. The famous campus occupies the first place, which means able to produce the number of graduates who went on to become CEO of the highest quality in the world. Interestingly, tuition for Harvard students are not the most expensive on the list of the 10 campuses, ‘only’ U.S. $ 54,596 per year. While the most expensive is U.S. $ 57,316 per year (University of Pennsylvania).

Meanwhile, in the second place University of Tokyo in Japan the tuition only U.S. $ 8,300 per year.

Stanford University is ranked third tuition per year, although slightly more expensive than tuition at Harvard.

In the next rank is the Ecole Polytechnique (France), HEC Paris (France), Ecole Nationale d’Administration (French), University of Pennsylvania (USA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), Keio University (Japan), and finally in position caretaker of the top ten are Seoul National University (Korea).

Also noteworthy that although the Harvard campus is probably the CEO of the world’s largest producer, he is not the producer of the CEO of the 10 largest companies in the world. They come from a variety of large campus. Take for example, the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell is a graduate of the University of Zurich, led by Wal-Mart CEO graduate of Georgia Tech, and the Exxon Mobil-led alumni of the University of Texas.