Sep 18

Part of the Entrepreneurship Process Not Many Know

entrepreneurThere are so many parts in the process of entrepreneurship that lay people have yet to know and understand. According to serial entrepreneur Mike Sellers in perspective there are a few things that are often missed by beginners as young entrepreneur wants to enter in the world of business. Among these is the risk of innovation, having to recruit workers, and so on.

According to Sellers, the bottom line is that everyone who wants to pioneer an effort for the first time will find some areas that haven’t been mastered them. Here is one way that is done by the Sellers to give you an understanding that he’s learned from his experiences during this time as a young entrepreneur.

  • An idea is not a design
  • A design is not a prototype
  • A prototype is not the program
  • A program is not a product
  • A product is not a business
  • Profit is not the way to sell business
  • And managed to sell businesses not happiness
  • A business is not profit

There are many new skills and lessons in every step you take along Your entrepreneurial journey, the drafting team, product management, and so on. Each of these needs to be well done and the skills that make you stronger on one side will make you weak in the other.

The real policy entrepreneurship is knowing what you can do well and appreciate instead of ignore what other people do that you don’t do.