Oct 27

People Who Don’t Know The Technology Is Difficult To Get A Job

blindThe applicants who had just completed his studies now need to be more serious in looking for work. A recent study found, creativity and skills in the field of digital media to open a bigger opportunity for the applicants recruited to work in a specific company.

As quoted from the Business Insider, according to a study performed by Adobe Education, Creativity and Employability, as much as 62% of educators in Southeast Asia claimed to strongly agree that the ability of digital media is a very important aspect in today’s working world.

Not only from teachers, as many as 52% of students also stated the ability in technology provides greater opportunities when applying for work. These aspects now no one will look to guarantee acceptable work.

Unfortunately, as many as 28% of the respondents said the education system is currently not adequate to develop student creativity. Whereas creativity is one important factor in recruitment in the world of work.

Not only in Southeast Asia, even in the Asia Pacific region, the ability to operate the digital media is still one of necessity for the applicant’s work. These aspects are considered as an important part in the modern world of work.

“The education system in Southeast Asia has increased during the past few years, all done to enhance innovation and creativity in the classroom. It’s all for the sake of preparing students to plunge into the world of work, “said Adobe Senior Director of Asia Pacific, Peter McAlpine.

He explained, the ability to manage the media not only improves students ‘ character, but also helped him ready to face the world of work.