Jun 28

Six Risks For Which Deciding To Be Entrepreneurs

entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurs often depicted with innovative people who can build his own business. They are said to have its own character such as personality, work ethic and charisma different. Becoming an entrepreneur also has risks. So what are the risks? Here’s his review:

1. Taste No Less Confident

Not cocky, but confident. As you see it-even, an entrepreneur who is confident will look better than those who do not believe in themselves. If you do not believe in yourself, how do you expect other people to put their trust in people who do not even believe in him. But you have to remember, there are limits to the confidence that should not be skipped. If you pass, then you are going to say arrogant.

2. Rarely Finding Satisfaction

Why are rich people in the world’s rich and growing wealth? That’s because they are hard-filled satisfaction. If an entrepreneur satisfied with their success at the time, then they will not grow anymore. If they produce 1 billion, they will ask why not 2 Billion?

3. National Holidays Not Very Long Awaited For You

If you ever worked for someone else with a very tight schedule and a day off Saturday only Sunday and national, you may be happy with the arrival of that day. In fact you may never see a picture that contains TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday!). Instead of that, an entrepreneur will say different, namely THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY! Entrepreneurs will like Monday because businesses running and the money will come. Even national holidays are not as vibrant as when you work for someone else, because your schedule is your own.

4. Thought you guys were crazy

This is related to point number one where an entrepreneur’s life is unique and different from usual. Therefore, entrepreneurial ideas-was unique and sometimes people will assume crazy. But no need to fear, because it is so proved, the crazy idea will now be spelled the innovation. So do not be afraid to think or say crazy crazy idea, because it probably is the path to your success. Remember, the idea is crazy successful innovation.

5. Not Hiring People Who Want You

Actually not all that successful entrepreneurs have planned that they will actually take the entrepreneurial path. But they took the line because nobody wants to hire them. If you experience it, probably because they think you are too hard to control and it may be because you are creative and want to be free.

6. You Ready to Work Guide, at the beginning

Rather than because of money, an entrepreneur would do for free what they like even though there is not necessarily money or income that comes from these actions. This is because they have a passion for what they do and see the success of the top things they do, is not limited only to the material as money.