Sep 13

Stanford University Successfully Built a conducive Learning Environment for Entrepreneurship

stanford_classStanford University is recognized companies to be one of the most entrepreneurial universities in the world. Estimated University graduates if merged into one independent State will be Able to produce its own economy wheels with a total value of 2.7 billion U.S. dollars. According to a study by Charles William Miller, Eesley and Stanford graduates have also been set up around 39,900 and 30,000 profit company to Nonprofit Organizations. Everything is still active to the present. Amazing is not it?

Thanks to a very supportive ecosystem for the development of entrepreneurship, many young people who think Stanford added a coveted time of learning objectives up to become a successful entrepreneur. No wonder, Because here at decade ago 55% of the student body said they chose Stanford Because his primary studies in his environment that is conducive to entrepreneurial learning. About 25% of the technical Innovators (those that generate new produks, new production processes and new business models) say they never Followed College entrepreneurship at this University. In addition, 60% of business founders rising success in a short time or those who have received venture capital funding in three years, confessed to ever sit on the bench of the Stanford class of subjects of entrepreneurship.

How can Stanford be so successful in printing excellence entrepreneurs? The University is listed has a long history in the entrepreneurial world. Stanford the first time provides opportunities for its student to attend a class on small business and entrepreneurship post-World War II. And many of the teachers there who informally provide tutoring for students who started their own company. Now, the Stanford approach Become apply more sophisticated and up-to-date. Thanks largely to the role of business schools in that effort, said Miller.

For example, 16.8% of respondents or 1,825 alumni of the Stanford people say they follow a short course in the school of business, about 6.3% of entrepreneurs who is also an alumnus, or approximately 684 people, saying they Followed the class of Prof.. h. Irving Grousbeck, who has taught entrepreneurship on the campus since 1985. Grousbeck also manages the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Stanford. The Agency is responsible for linking the entrepreneur in Silicon Valley communities and help them to find opportunities guided business and consulting services.

Offered Other classes at the Stanford business school, Including courses such as “Creating a Startup”, a class that of teaching by Stanford instructors who also has experience as a serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and the venture capitalists. Race-race business plan and also Carried out Regularly Become popular here, said Miller.

The business school has Become very active in helping those students who want up to become an entrepreneur, says Miller is more detailed. “Form a more formal teaching of entrepreneurship was founded around the end of the 1970s and the early 1980s and continues to grow Rapidly in the Decade of the 1990s Because of soaring demand and interest of students,” he explained.