Jun 21

Steeped Meaning of Entrepreneur

entrepreneurSimply put, the entrepreneur is defined as a person who creates useful work for themselves. Entrepreneur is derived from the word entrependere (in French ) which means a bold endeavor and risky or difficult.

Entrepreneur is defined as someone who is also capable of processing existing resources into a product that has value or seek to profit from the opportunities that others have not worked.

Someone who has the entrepreneurial spirit and skills may be in government, academia, or in social services. He added entrepreneur mindset ( mindset ), soul ( spirit ), and the same skills are turning the dirt and junk into gold, but the difference is the goal to be achieved.

Changing the definition of dirt and junk into gold, there are three main meanings. The first is the occurrence of a significant creative changes from dirt and junk and discarded the worthless into something that has a greater value. Both the final result of the changes have commercial value, not just regarded as a great work, but also has a high market value. Third gold to get an entrepreneur can start it from dirt and junk that is not worth, in other words with zero capital.

Meanwhile, according to Peggy & Charles (1999 ), the entrepreneur must have four key elements :

1. Ability ( IQ & Skill )

  • Reading opportunities ;
  • Innovate ;
  • Manage ;
  • Sell .

2. Courage ( EQ ​​& Mental )

  • Overcome fear ;
  • Controlling risk ;
  • Out of the comfort zone .

3. Tenacity ( Motivation )

  • Persistence ( resilient ) , never give up ;
  • Determination ( steadfast in his belief ) ;
  • Strength will mind (power of mind ) that you can.

4. Creativity


* Looking for opportunities .

Meanwhile, according to Edison, entrepreneur has three main points that should be possessed ; know yourself, confident, and able to sell themselves. According to him, the entrepreneur is the ability to manage something that is in us to be exploited and enhanced to be optimized, so as to improve our standard of living.