Dec 12

The power Limitation (Business Lessons from Dr. Seuss)

dr_seussIn 1960, two people each bet. Although betting is only involves two people, its impact affects millions of other people.

People first, Bennett Cerf, is the founder of publishing company, Random House. The second man named Theo Geisel, but you might know him as Dr. Seuss. Cerf proposes a bet and challenging that Dr. Seuss would be unable to write children’s books that entertain using only 50 different words.

Dr. Seuss accept this challenge and win. The result is a little book called “Green Eggs and Ham”. Since its publication, “Green Eggs and Ham” has sold over 200 million copies making it the most popular work of Seuss as one of the best-selling children’s books in history.

At first glance, you might think this is a mere luck. A talented writer to play fun games with 50 words and eventually resulted in a hit. But in fact there are more stories and lessons in it can help us be more creative and stick to better habits over the long term.

Here’s what we can learn from Dr. Seuss: the power of Limitations!

What Dr. Seuss found through these small bets is power setting limitations.

To set a limit for yourself-whether it involves your time has to be worked out, the money you have to start a business, or the number of words that you can use in a book. Working with discretion often make us less productive. We tend to indulge and less twisted brain.

Here’s how the limitations make us more advanced:

Limitations to inspire your creativity. If your height is 160 cm, you need to think of creative ways to be a basketball player to surpass the height of 180 cm. If you have children a year who spend your time, you know the old-old will figure out ways to work out a more creative. If you are a photographer and you happen to be wearing only simple equipment to photograph, you should find a reason to keep your subject of beauty caught as best as possible with the equipment for what it is. Limited encourages you to find out a solution. The constraints you inspire your creativity.
Limitations force you to get something that is desirable. Time constraints have forced us to make some of the best work. You have to force yourself to work in situations and conditions which do not allow though or never got around to work at all. Limitations force you to get something you want and don’t allow you to procrastinate. This is why the professionals set up a schedule for their work while they were still amateurs wait until they feel motivated.