Jul 29

Where A University most Produce Young Entrepreneur?

founder-collegesWhen you read a lot of articles lately about various entrepreneur, you can observe that a number of successful startup founder is a young entrepreneur who graduated from renowned universities of the world. The founders of this are usually high educated at leading universities in the U.S. (known as “The Ivy League“). Alumni status to this famous Campuses were also a consideration for the venture capitalist of Deciding or not to invest in a startup.

Here‘s some of the campus with the most productive in making entrepreneurship programs and startup entrepreneurs in the world.

The data from CrunchBase, it was concluded that from about 2500 U.S. startup founders who founded a startup that have received investments from venture capital.

With that of data, found a number of interesting trends. The following summarized.

Universities that produce the Reviews largest number of graduates who received the VC funding was Stanford University, Followed by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). To find out the position of sixteen large, see chart above.

Stanford has one of the Largest. This is not surprising Because The campus is close to Silicon Valley, the heart of entrepreneurship and VC activity in the land of Uncle Sam.

Seven of the eight Ivy League campus entry list but the majority of the campus is famous for it‘s only occupied a midtable position. MIT and Berkeley have the amount of UV graduates success nearly double that of the number of graduates from Yale and Columbia.

Noteworthy that the Tel Aviv University, a University in Israel, trailed Duke University in the ranking of 21st.