Mar 24

3 Things Which Are Not Fitting In-Tweet Entrepreneur

social networkOf the 175 million tweets generated everyday on social networking site Twitter, how many actually have merit? It needs to be entrepreneurs think about, especially if he is a lot to dwell on social networks.

Most tweets have benefits than others. While the rest is junk words that make you less likely to be known as a competent and successful entrepreneur.

If you are an entrepreneur and you like to networking on Twitter, here are 3 types of tweets that you should avoid to publish, no matter how tempted you to do so.

1. Daily activities you do now: If a tweet that you publish will answer the question: “What are you doing today?”, You’ll want to think 1000 times again. Unless you are a famous celebrity who make money with the popularity and publicity through the details of day-to-day activities are trivial, people would not be too concerned about your activities like picking up a child at school, or lunch with the family on weekends.

2. Complaints relentless and solution: Do not publish your complaints on Twitter so easily unless you are prepared to regret it later. Shed complaints in social networks that are open to the public is fine but needs to be done wisely. Do you have a suggestion or proposed solution? If not, it may be better not say anything. Like most people, your Twitter followers also do not like the time you pull out a tweet containing the complaint.

3. Tweet it ‘exist’: The point is that you force yourself to publish the actual tweet less weight just because you do not want to be inactive by your Twitter followers. Greet “good morning world” may sound friendly, but for entrepreneurs like you might be better off if raises quality tweets, which contains lessons or something that opens insight and knowledge or start a debate useful for followers.