Sep 15

7 Things Why Social Media Makes You Fired

social mediaThe influence of social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Path, and many others, Are now very powerful in the lives of many. Social media seems to have become mandatory known by each person including the workers. In addition to exchanging information, Social media can also be one the media to vent about an issue.

But behind it all, Social media can also cause a person’s career is ruined. There are even some companies that eventually fired an employee just because problems with Social media. So that this doesn’t happen to you, we recommend that you read the fine points in advance.

1. Racist & Discriminatory

We all know to be a racist and discriminatory was not good, but it turns out there are still many people who are narrow-minded. Don’t be nosy people who occasionally commenting on the status of those that smells of racist or discriminatory. You will never know the Office policy turns out to apply the rules on this. Therefore do not let You do this stupid thing because You can just be fired the next day.

2. Important details

Never expose important files regarding your work on Social media. Because there is no one secret to company in the know by the public. If you want to persist with your work now, we recommend that you keep your privacy and with good company.

3. Religion

Religion is a belief that someone needs to uphold high. Post your jokes or regards who speaks ill of a religion is not very ethical. Not only dangerous to your work, but can also generate a bad image in the eyes of people who see the status updates.

4. Waffle bad about Clients

Often Social media become a medium for telling his story, whether personal or employment issues. If you are annoyed with the clients you handle while working, we recommend that you do not disclose your pique You via Social media. Because this will only threaten your career.

5. Hate the place of Work

If you do not hold the place you work, immediately resigned. Never survive at work for the sake of money, but you’re always talking bad stuff about the place you work. This will only cause a bad image of the company. In addition to being laid off, you could also be convicted of defiling the name of well have company.

6. Upload photos

Keep Your good name at your place of work. Do not upload photos that could give rise to negative things. For example, you upload a photo of yourself that was holding a bottle of wine and beer. Even if you don’t take it, it will only cause a bad image in the eyes of the company and in fact, you can be fired.

7. Talk bad About the boss

Even if your boss has yet to make friends with You on Social media, don’t ever ever cursing your boss. Because it could be there are other employees who report this to your boss. Eventually you will just be fired for disrespect. If it does not hold, should resign instead.

That’s seven things that could lead to someone being fired from his job. You need to remember, even though Social media is a virtual world, but the effects of Social media can be caused to the real world. So, be careful when You use Social media.