Mar 25

9 Causes Follower your Twitter account Continues Decline

twetter1Although it has struggled to build Twitter follower, a person may at any time cease to follow your Twitter account. From a research conducted bydknewmedia, this 9 causes why a person stops to follow you on Twitter:

1. Too “noisy.”
2. Too much self promotion.
3. Too many tweets that contain spam.
4. Less attractive.
5. Too many tweets are repeated.
6. Too many tweets automatically.
7. Contains tweets that are “attacking” or unprofessional.
8. Too much beg / ask.
9. Rarely tweeted.

By knowing most of the reason why someone to follow you on Twitter, you can begin to change your habits and reduce the number of your followers reduced. How about you? Have you stopped to follow a Twitter account for the same reasons?