Nov 07

Glossary of terms in the world of Startup

Business plansYou now want to start selling or even being pioneering business. Of course, in the lead it is you must have a vast business network. Here are some recipes that you can do to build your business network.

Do not be so shy

The startup world have shared the term confusing to the novice entrepreneur. The following describes the terms that we encounter Often in the startup world in language that is plain so it is Easier to understand.


When a company buys a majority stake in another company. Can be done in a ‘soft’, jointly agreed between the parties concerned or in ‘aggressive’, ie without a deal with the party that was acquired.


A software development philosophy prioritizes the incremental development (the improvements are not radical or revolutionary) and stressed the adaptability and Collaborate.

Angel investors

The angel investors are people WHO give small Amounts of capital for companies stubs / startup to exchange a number of shares in the company. Angel investors Usually excess seed round (initial funding round) and is Usually given when a startup is in the early stages.


Business to Business or B2B Often shortened Refers to a company that took aim at other companies that have a product or service on certain. Also sometimes the B2B technology Refers to the technology of the enterprise / corporate. This is different from the which is short for B2C business to consumers (business to consumer) and covers the sales of products or services Directly to individual customers.


This process Refers to how a startup measuring Reviews their success now. An investor to measure the growth of his company to Determine Whether companies that already meet on certain indicators in a benchmark / standard. For example, a company has to meet a benchmark on certain has a number of recurring or recurring revenue income after two years of coming into the market.

Board of directors

The Board of Directors is a group of influential individuals WHO are selected based on specific criteria by shareholders. The members of the Board of Directors have a duty to examine and supervise all the follow steps and a horn. A Board of Directors Generally includes a number of investors and mentors. Not all startups, but investors Generally take the position of the Board of Directors as the exchanges with a number of investments in companies in question.


A company called bootstrapping means using the if he funded with private capital of the entrepreneur. It could be that funds Obtained from the earnings the company itself if it can already produce. But not all are lucky enough to direct a startup could produce its own admission from day one. The term comes from analogy with the same someone who tie his own shoes before walking or running.

Bridge loan

The term IS ALSO known as swinging loan (Swing loan). Short term loans are used to bridge the chasm of difference between the two major funding.


A Buyout is an exit strategy that is Often encountered. Buyout Refers to the purchase of shares in a company that Gives You the power of control of the owner of the shares within the scope of the company.


The monetary assets of the capital available and ready to be used by the company. The young entrepreneur raising capital to start a company and continue to raise capital to develop the company.

Capped notes

The terminology Refers to “cap” placed at the entry of investors in a round of funding.

The entrepreneur and the investors agreed to channel capital (cap) in the valuations of companies in the which the records will be turned into equity. This means that the investor will have a percentage on certain ownership of the company in the which a relative with the cap when the company collects rounds of funding. The round has not yet been given a ‘cap’ is Generally preferred by the startup or entrepreneur.

Convertible debt

The debt of this sort can be found as a company that borrows money with a goal that owed ‚Äč‚Äčthat are accumulated will then be converted into equity in the company at the next valuation. This allows the company to postpone the valuation while gathering funding in the early stages. Generally, this Occurs in the early stages of the life of the company, while valuations are more difficult, to be met and investing WHO have a higher risk.

Do not be a shy person. Talk to many people and let them get to know you.

Do not limit yourself

Talk to everyone you meet, even though you do not know. Do not limit relations only in the business environment only. In Bookstores, supermarkets, even on the train. You never know what you will meet. Talk to a lot of people indirectly Also builds your confidence. Trust me, this will help your career.

Always smile

Never underestimate the power of “smile”. Peter Reliable, entrepreneur and author of the book “How To Win Friends And Influence People” Explains that a smile is the key to building the network. “People will be more open when the smile on us, Compared to people WHO are surly,” he explained.

Do not fear rejection

Do not worry the refusal-rejection, you experienced during the build network business. Suppose the rejection was an experience. Better than rejected, lost the opportunity to meet someone who is attractive to do business.

Keep the relation

Several already managed to build business networks. Try to keep good relations with the people. Wherever possible, remember her name. Because you do not know, one day will probably need the help.