Mar 31

How Google Assessing the Links of Social Networking to Your Business Website?

googleAs a businessman in the digital age, you may already have a business site. It is important for you to be the business site is displayed in the Google search results page, which has now become the search engine most commonly used.

Links (links) to the business website into a powerful tool to improve the ranking in the search engine pages and attract visitors, which ultimately will be the customers and business partners. And one of the digital space that allows us to increase the number of links is to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and so on.

Links from sites relevant importance and indeed has long been believed to be the best way to get traffic (visits) for business sites. Then the question is then how Google assesses the links from social networking platform that leads to the site of our business? What will help the ride whether the business site rank?

Basically, Google treats all links equally. Nothing in favoring child or stepchild. Google uses page rank to classify sites according to reputation level. So it is not just the number of links pointing to a website, but also how the credibility of the links.

Not a problem if the links are from different domains such as .gov, or .edu. The same rule also applies to social networking sites.

One thing to note is that most of the profile or page on the social network is not open to the public (although most are open / public). Google can only give Google Page Rank if a website or a web page open for public access. If the bots from Google can access it (with crawling), the link would also be useful.

However, another case with a link from Twitter. Because the majority of the links on Twitter tends to be ‘no follow’ in order to prevent spam as much as possible from other parties who are not responsible. In this case, the links from Twitter are usually not much help rank business websites.