Oct 16

Keys To Successful Mark Zuckerberg In Business

mark zuckerbergThe success of Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook social media is achieved in a way that is not easy, a lot of work done until he reached his position as now being the richest young man.

It turns out Zuckerberg had a recipe in her success, the following recipe a success Mark Zuckerberg quoted from www.latemeetingsdeals.com:



1. Believe in yourself

The classic advice is indeed very important. Enormous self-assurance and positive nature make Zuckerberg could build Up from scratch. “Zuckerberg had extraordinary confidence that he is capable of making his dream come true.”

In contrast with his image that looks arrogant in The movie The Social Network, Zuckerberg is actually not the case. “He’s just somebody who’s very confident.”

2. Complete the task, don’t wait until it’s perfect

Zuckerberg focus gets things done without delay or wait until it’s perfect. If there is a mistake, he thought would always be able to fix it later. According to him, a mistake is reasonable.

Zuckerberg has a philosophy about it. The philosophy that says, “done it better than perfect”

3. Hold on to the vision, don’t be swayed votes tilted to their to their

“Zuckerberg used to be in a position where everyone around him says he will fail and what has been achieved is outrageously high”. Zuckerberg did have dreams of someday Facebook will “a lot of people.

She is very sure of the vision that rejects the Yahoo who wants to buy Facebook in 2006 at a price of USD 1 billion. His vision proved to be, now that Facebook has more than 1 billion users and make wealthy Zuck.

4. No excessive life

Who would have thought Mark Zuckerberg was still living in a rented home near the headquarters of Facebook. His performance was mediocre. Whereas the amount of his fortune reached USD 33,1 billion.

“He’s never excessive and in the end he could only give all his money,”. Zuckerberg is also known as a benefactor. He participated in the program Giving I Pledge that advises wealthy individuals donated most of his wealth.

5. Follow the passion, not money

At the time of the build Up, money is not the main purpose of Zuckerberg. He followed the passion. She is a very happy fix Facebook and creating new ways to help people connect.