Nov 05

Main Recipe To Build Business Network

business networkYou now want to start selling or even being pioneering business. Of course, in the lead it is you must have a vast business network. Here are some recipes that you can do to build your business network.

Don’t be so shy

Don’t be a shy person. Talk to many people and let them get to know you.

Don’t limit yourself

Talk to everyone you meet, even though you do not know. Do not limit relations only in the business environment only. In bookstores, supermarkets, even on the train. You never know what you will meet. Talk to a lot of people indirectly also builds your confidence. Trust me, this will help your career.

Always smile

Never underestimate the power of “smile”. Peter Handal, entrepreneur and author of the book “How To Win Friends And Influence People” explains that a smile is the key to building the network. “People will be more open when the smile on us, compared to people who are surly,” he explained.

Don’t fear rejection

Don’t worry the refusal-rejection, you experienced during the build network business. Suppose the rejection was an experience. Better than rejected, lost the opportunity to meet someone who is attractive to do business.

Keep the relation

Already managed to build several business networks. Try to keep good relations with the people. Wherever possible, remember her name. Because you don’t know, one day will probably need the help.