Jun 04

Marketing in the Digital Age

digital marketingMarketing used to encompass paper and radio advertising, making these outlets very lucrative and straightforward for both businesses and providers. Today’s marketing is mainly concentrated at a digital level. From website hits to social media followers, companies of all shapes and sizes can be successful with perfected digital marketing management. Marketing in the digital age requires some insider knowledge of search engine algorithms and clever website wording.

SEO Marks the Spot

Although it’s a classic marketing tactic, SEO or search engine optimization still plays a critical role for all websites and businesses. You must use keywords and phrases for your industry, along with varying the names and abbreviations of geographic cities and states. It’s even critical to change the literal text on landing and category pages. Fresh text tells search engines you are on top of SEO and rank you higher on pages.

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Mobile Website Extension

You’ve seen those new URL addresses with a letter “M” in their language. This is a company’s mobile website. In most cases, consumers don’t have to voluntarily choose a traditional or mobile website. The browser and associated electronic simply speak to the company’s server, instantly linking the consumer to the right site. Without a mobile site, you’ll lose customers. No one likes to scroll and squint at a small screen using a traditional site. Mobile sites get your customers to products and services faster for rapid sales.

Recognize Shopper Savvy Moves

The power of the Internet is in almost everyone’s hands, allowing them to price check any product on-the-go. Companies must play into this price-checking strategy by using comparison shopping engine management. Businesses want their products to pop up first with the best pricing for instant sales. Only a quality management company trained in this specific marketing niche will make a company successful with comparison shopping applications. As you work on website development, also look into comparison shopping to stay competitive with other companies.

Are You Serious About Email?

You might scoff at email newsletters and coupons, but they still play a strong part in successful digital marketing. Keeping a company or business in the public’s eye is difficult to do without email blasts. Send out monthly information emails, touting your latest sale. Even if consumers don’t even open the email, they’ve been exposed to the company name, allowing it to remain seeded in the mind for possible future sales.

Constant Communication Pathways

Use social media to gain followers and interact with consumers on a constant basis. Try to make the marketing a casual relationship with consumers using fun video or picture contests, for instance. Not every conversation has to be a sales pitch. Making social media fun with a company only keeps the product or service in consumers’ minds for loyalty and future sales.

Consumers are smarter than ever about their potential purchases. Companies cannot rely on an uneducated or impulse buy anymore for the bottom line. Treat your customers with respect and they’ll respond in kind. You might just see your bottom line increase dramatically when you apply today’s marketing strategies to smart consumers.