May 13

The Marketing Strategy Through by Social Media

social mediaVarious ways can be used to improve the marketing of your products or to increase sales of your product. One of the ways that you can use is through social media. Turns Instagram could be an application that can be used as a weapon in the content strategy. Photos and images can be a decoy content consumer. Based on the official blog Instagram, Instagram account the number of users has reached 80 million people to date. This application has been developed in iOS and Android devices and has acquired up in 2013 and launched its web presence in 2012.

If you want to market through Instagram, the key is to avoid hard selling. Technique best selling products at attractive prices will not be favored by Instagram users. If you want to start marketing via Instagram, then there are several strategies you can do.

1. Editorial Calendar

Instagram is identical to the photos and drawings. Therefore, you have to think of the photos to be uploaded. The ideas of the photo you can pour into the editorial calendar so you can schedule any photos to upload. For example, you could upload a photo of two to three per week.

2. Hashtags

Hashtag is useful to categorize any content that you will upload on Instagram. This is done so that you are more focused on uploading and consumers who use Instagram is much more to remember and identify photos.

3. Show product

Diligently update the products you sell will show that the business you run still exist. Upload photos of your latest product that Instagram users can feel like the shopping windows in a store or mall. It will be able to attract new customers and old customers to you.

What if you are in the service business? If you are working in the field of services, you can upload photos of your activities while providing services or equipment used. For example, the photographer can upload photos of cameras used, activity when making photos or shots of the photographer.


4. Demonstrate how to make

It is one of the interesting strategy. Most consumers find it curious how the production process the product bought. You can upload photos of the production process through Instagram.

If you sell shoes own production, then you can upload photos when making shoe patterns, sewing shoes, until the completion of the process to the end.

5. Promotion of the latest news

Usually, consumers will feel special if they are aware of information about the products that will be sold first. Suppose you sell clothes online and offline stores will open. It helps you to upload photos of the process set up shop so that consumers feel confident with your offline store.

6. Interaction

As an online entrepreneur, certainly there is no face-to-face between the consumer and the seller. You should be able to get closer distance to the consumer by way of small interactions such as replying to the comments of consumers in Instagram.