Mar 27

This Is The weakness Of Online Business Via Facebook

facebookSocial networking sites become the easiest option for the beginner businessmen to promote their products. Also to trade manually through social media. For example Facebook, sites are widely used for doing business online.

Not a few people who get great benefits especially for branding their products (goods / services) through Facebook. But when the business is growing, the simplest way of doing business online is also beginning to see a lot of obstacles.

Businessman experienced problems when doing business through Facebook. Business on Facebook completely manually. Follow-up to the customers as well as through personal messages, and should regularly check your inbox. Many errors occur because all self-managed, human error is high because there is no system to run it.

Here are some mistakes that enables and indeed often happens when doing business online through Facebook include:

  • Recording reservations wrong because all completely manually.
  • Orders are swapped, this is the impact of the error on the reservation.
  • Communication to customers substandard. Again, this is because businesses take care of everything themselves, from product promotion, customer service, receiving the request, taking care delivery including payment.
  • The transaction is often delayed because it depends on the interaction of buyers and sellers. If the buyer does not respond to questions buyer response, the intention of spending could be delayed or even canceled.