Mar 29

Tips on Using Twitter for Business

twitterTwitter is not just a social media application for sharing. With the proper way, Twitter can be used as a field of money. One important part of the business is to build a brand that is known by the prospective buyer. Twitter presence is a blessing for the entrepreneur because it can be used as a free tool to build brand.

The following five tips you can make a way to maximize the use of Twitter to build your brand in the online realm, quoted from Readersdigest:

Looking follower

This process does require extra patience for a new account is usually not easy to pick up followers. But do not worry. If an account you can share useful and interesting tweets, followers will come by itself. Can not wait? Try to contact the follower adder services. You can get 500 to 1000 followers in a short time. But remember, make sure that you get a follower active follower.

Do not forget Twitter

After follower obtained, the next step is to keep them is not reduced. For that you have to be diligent divide twit that are beneficial to your followers. Total twit suggested in one day was 15 to 25 twit. If you think it is too heavy for nge-twit much, use automatic Twitter applications, such as Hootsuite or SocialOomph. You just create a schedule, the application will automatically perform a twit in accordance with the time you set.

Navigate to the website

Every now and then insert a link to your online store website in twit. Not too often because the follower will assume your account is only for sale.

Rent buzzer

Buzzer is the name for the influential Twitter accounts and has many followers. In business, the buzzer is often used as I promos.

Mutual promos account

Feel free to make friends with a Twitter account that you deem appropriate for your business. Invite them to cooperate with each promo account.