Jan 14

Understand the Basics and The Definition of Sales

salesIn the world of trade, a key factor crucial in supporting business activities, are the sales., the key factors are crucial in supporting business activities, are the sales.

This is a key factor at the same time the indicators of whether a trading business can be said to progress or otherwise, suffered a setback.

Even when associated with the production process in a firm, almost certainly without any sales or marketing of products, the company will suffer losses.
Then what is the sense of the actual sales?

Sales is an activity which is integrated to develop strategic plans which are directed at the business gratification of needs and desires of the buyer, in order to get sales that generate profits.

Sales are an effort or concrete steps being undertaken to move a product, be it in the form of goods or services, from the manufacturer to the consumer as a target.

The main purpose of sale i.e. bring in profit or profit from the resulting products or goods manufacturer with good management. In practice, the sale itself will not be done without the presence of the abuser, who works in it such as agents, dealers and sales force.

In practice all of these perpetrators must have supporting skills can support activities, such as the introduction of a product sold (product knowledge), price, type of market, market segment and consumer buying power.

Support of other factors is also badly needed in boost sales volume, one of these factors is the promotion. This promotion is usually done to reach out to consumers that will hopefully buy products offered. There are three ways that are usually done in doing a promotion:

  • Through advertising, print media, electronic media, and internet.
  • Publications on certain events, sponsorship of an activity.
  • Direct selling or sales made directly to the consumer.

With the promotion and other strategies, expected product sales can be increased so that the volume of profits obtained by companies or organizations will be higher.

Eventually the company will be able to flourish and more encouraged to increase the number of its production. And of course, this will have a direct impact on increasing revenues and employee well-being.