Jan 27

Ways That Online Business Owners Are Utilizing Virtual Shopping Carts

ecommerce shoppingMost owners of online businesses include an ecommerce shopping cart on their website so customers can buy items in a quick way. Naturally, a method of secure online payment is important to both a business owner and his or her customers. However, there are online business owners who are using their ecommerce shopping carts to boost profits. Take a look at some examples.

Identify the Buying Habits of Customers

The owner of an online business can look at the previous purchases of a customer to determine what sorts of products he or she is interested in. For instance, an owner may notice that one customer purchased three cardigan sweaters from his or her online clothing store. With this data, a store owner can email the customer information about upcoming sales on cardigans and similar items. In short, a business owner can bring in more sales by paying attention to what customers have already put into their shopping carts.

Refresh a Customer’s Interest in an Item

Sometimes online shoppers put items into their virtual shopping cart and then leave the website without making a purchase. The person may be looking for a better price on an item or perhaps he or she was interrupted before finishing the sale. An online business owner can contact individuals who have abandoned their virtual shopping carts to try to entice them to return and finish the sale. For instance, an online store may send a person an email offering to answer questions about the items in the cart. In many cases, a customer has forgotten all about the abandoned cart. So, an email from the online store may serve as a reminder to purchase those items.

Alert Customers of Special Promotions

When a customer utilizes a shopping cart on a commercial website, he or she may provide an email address. Consequently, the owner of an online store can send information about promotions and sales directly to the customer. This is another way that online business owners can stay in contact with loyal customers.

Finally, ecommerce shopping carts are convenient for customers who don’t want to call a business to submit credit card information over the phone or send a traditional check. An online business owner who wants to compete with others in his or her industry must give customers a convenient way to make a purchase.