Mar 26

Why Social Networking Could Be A Boomerang?

socialA number of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace, Foursquare, Instagram, Second Life, and others it allows users to connect to each other.

However, it is also a social networking media can backfire for users, especially entrepreneurs, if used inappropriately.

Here are five reasons the reputation of the user can be destroyed with his social media accounts such as the so-called media entrepreneur.

1. Publication of the message (post) are boring. Provide a new perspective on an old topic or against the status quo in the message view will invite attention.

Then, ask yourself how it can improve the character of self or sense of humor in each message. This is the essence of brand development.

2. Do not appreciate others. Social media is not the place to resolve the issue with others. It was no different than yelling at someone in a public space or raise a voice on retail store employees.

The act will certainly get the attention of others, but it’s not what everyone wants attention.

If there are others who criticize you in social media, the solution is to remove the negative comments, block certain accounts, and decide whether to respond to the issue it or ignore it.

3. Failing to promote others. If you are going to build a business and develop a strong network, you will want to develop a reputation as someone highlight others.

It was not just going to give credit obsolete, but also communicates that you’re safe with success and as has the ability to promote other people in the industry.

4. No reply to comments. Did not reply to a comment on a blog or social media accounts do not differ from starting a conversation with someone and then ignore their response.

Actively monitor the comments and questions addressed to the account we are able to take time, but by publishing a commentary on each message published previously showed concern with the other side of the account owner.

5. Linked to the photographs in question. Think twice to let yourself be linked to the photographs in question. As a business owner, be careful about how you want to be perceived by the public.