Jan 14

Understand the Basics and The Definition of Sales

salesIn the world of trade, a key factor crucial in supporting business activities, are the sales., the key factors are crucial in supporting business activities, are the sales.

This is a key factor at the same time the indicators of whether a trading business can be said to progress or otherwise, suffered a setback.

Even when associated with the production process in a firm, almost certainly without any sales or marketing of products, the company will suffer losses.
Then what is the sense of the actual sales?

Sales is an activity which is integrated to develop strategic plans which are directed at the business gratification of needs and desires of the buyer, in order to get sales that generate profits.

Sales are an effort or concrete steps being undertaken to move a product, be it in the form of goods or services, from the manufacturer to the consumer as a target.

The main purpose of sale i.e. bring in profit or profit from the resulting products or goods manufacturer with good management. In practice, the sale itself will not be done without the presence of the abuser, who works in it such as agents, dealers and sales force.

In practice all of these perpetrators must have supporting skills can support activities, such as the introduction of a product sold (product knowledge), price, type of market, market segment and consumer buying power.

Support of other factors is also badly needed in boost sales volume, one of these factors is the promotion. This promotion is usually done to reach out to consumers that will hopefully buy products offered. There are three ways that are usually done in doing a promotion:

  • Through advertising, print media, electronic media, and internet.
  • Publications on certain events, sponsorship of an activity.
  • Direct selling or sales made directly to the consumer.

With the promotion and other strategies, expected product sales can be increased so that the volume of profits obtained by companies or organizations will be higher.

Eventually the company will be able to flourish and more encouraged to increase the number of its production. And of course, this will have a direct impact on increasing revenues and employee well-being.

Jan 12

Sales Strategies and Effective Sales Techniques

businessplanSales strategy was in some way in the sales process which can give the effect of an increase in sales value. Sales strategy required so that customers feel happy with the style of selling you are doing.

There are people who run the business ventures with the wrong sales strategy, so that the consumers actually feel uncomfortable with the sales process. Consumers will feel disgusted, even feel uncomfortable with the presence and the ways you in selling a product or services.

A Unique sales strategies and creative will make consumers more interested than the monotonous ways that are commonly done. As a business manager, you should be able to build a sales strategy ahead of time before you start a business. With the best sales strategy and clear, it can be seen that increasing the level of sales during the evaluation process.

How actually ways to realize a sales strategy that is proven to attract the interest of consumers? Here are some important things you need to consider associated with the consumer demand sales strategy:

1. The quality of products or services provided

Before you busy designing a solid sales strategy, make sure in advance that the quality of the products or services you offer deserves to be proud of. This is directly a matter that will be asked by the consumer at the time of going to buy or use services. Do not occasionally cheat customers to offer the quality of products or services you provide, no matter honestly though it may be the quality of your products or services is not the same with consumer expectations.

If for example you are offering products or services you provide are less qualified, make sure that the product or service you have certain advantages that are not found in the products or services offered by other parties. So that consumers have good reason to keep buying the products or services you offer.

2. Good service during the sales process

In carrying out a good sales strategy, one thing you should always remember is that the buyer is king. It means that you as a seller must provide the best service to consumers. Do not underestimate the style of spoken word, attitude, response, how to answer customer questions and so on. Never be rude to a customer, or faced arrogant to consumers, because it will have an impact on the imaging business that you manage.

In this case, it is important to grow impatient attitude towards consumers. Sometimes there are many things that make the business manager be provoked emotions. For this it is necessary a good emotional management efforts, especially for those who work as vendors or marketing.

3. Promotion and promotions

The most effective sales strategy is nothing but promotional efforts are maximized. No matter how great your product or services you provide, if there are no maximum promotional efforts, then your sales figures will be mediocre. On the contrary, although the quality of the product or service you are mediocre, but the promotion running optimally, then the result will be more effective.

Promotion as part of a sales strategy that is powerful enough useful to introduce a product to the public, on how the quality and how to use them. The products are also important new venture introduced through promotional activities.

Jan 07

How to make the structure of the Ideal Team for Our Startup?

startupOne of the questions most frequently asked by friends who would set up a startup or in the initial phases of establishment of startup is how making the ideal structure for a startup? Every time that I always get questions answered, customize with our startup needs, instead of wearing a structural position to approach first.

As an organization, other than the need is filled by people with the best talents, the startup also needs structure in it, the goal in order to clarify the lines of coordination and responsibility of those who engage in such structures. But often when we create an organizational structure in a startup, we’re stuck in the paradigm of labels rather than on the basis of the substantial needs of our startup. The view of “anyway” a startup must have the label’S CEO, CTO, CFO, CBDO and a variety of other flashy labels, which is that we tend to invent the position actually does or not we need them, even our team finally tend to already fat and inefficient at the beginning. There are a few points that can help us create the ideal team structure for our startup be optimal for a typical startup, such as:

Efficient but Proportionate

Build a team with the ideal team for a startup, especially for a startup that was in the initial phases of the establishment must be totally efficient. The phase is the phase where we have many limitations, but on the other hand have a huge responsibility to prove whether the startup products we have planned and are working on can be verified either in business or in growth. Efficient here could amount from the side or from the side of the types of roles that are required by that time. When the organizational structure is too fat at the beginning could be a threat when the business model we have not verified because we have created a fixed cost (fixed expenses that must be done in a certain period of time) that if the amount is very large would be a burden to the company’s continued support in the future.

Startup takes a lot of efficiency in a wide variety of lines, including aspects of the human resources team fill us. But do not also end up too far so disproportionate to the needs, remember we are dealing with the demands of a big responsibility to immediately verify products and our business. The amount or type of role must also be adapted to the needs of our startup time, so when too few does not make people in it, but also on overload when too much not to make the people in it are confused themselves want to work out what. After the product and business model already verified, plus we can already see the pattern of growth from a startup, we are, then we can recruit people with a new role to help drive working in a startup we become more focused.

In accordance with the objective Needs

For a startup based on the initial phase of the product may actually be going well enough with two roles: first is it responsible on the question “what products will we make (What)” and the second is he responsible on the question “How do we make the product (How).” What role usually held by people with the label’S CEO, while the role of know-how held by people with label CTO. The initial phase of technology product startup indeed wherever possible is focused on product development, but not up there alone, but also the development of products that correspond to the wishes and needs of the market. If the borrowed term George Berkowski in his book “How to Build Billion Dollar App”, a product created by a startup, it should qualify “product-market-fit”, which means to make a good product to market and get people in the market are satisfied because it fulfilled their needs.

That is why the role of of a concept and testers of the product as well as the role of the manufacturer of a product has a significant role in the early phases of the formation of startup. My advice if the core of startup we shaped the product technology, as much as possible have a person who is able to make such products, or at least people are able to know the ins and outs of the whole of our products when making indeed needs to be outsourced. This is to avoid unwanted events in the future, if we submit to all things technical and product creation secrets to outsiders. Proprietary technology to add value and cannot be replicated will not fully we can have if the overall technical job of making our products-outsourced, but it becomes a value added a startup technology products.

So, before we are able to verify the product and also our business, it will need a big team with a complex structure should be avoided in a manner sufficiently fill the role of the team who led the question “what” and “how” of the manufacture of our products. Need to note here, that the development of products that are large enough scale, then the role or position that is responsible to the question “how” can be filled more than one person, especially if we are racing against time to immediately launch the startup of our products. I would also suggest if there are people with a good UX design talent to be able to provide input to the development of our products, not necessarily full time, but minimal product that is built can we ensure comfortable, easy to use, as well as zoom appealing to the eye.

And what about the role of marketing or business people who will be marketing and introduce our products? I think this role at the beginning can be made by the CEO, because he must have a network and the ability to introduce their products sooner or later. However, it is a representation of the startup, it is also absolutely necessary marketing skills by it. Only when the scale with the needs of marketing and business, including finance up to the higher administration, that is where we are right to decide to hire people who focus on managing it.

The Minimalist rule above can run optimally in the manufacture of products with a record of responsible person focus on the startup. If the product development startup is only allocated from the time the rest owned by the founder then things above could be invalid because it might take a lot of delegates and jobs should be outsourced. Perhaps on another occasion I will discuss how important the role of the term “focus” for the founder of a startup in initiating and raising its startup.

A startup ideal team should be formed on the objectivity of the startup development needs.

Adaptation according Developments

An efficient team in the beginning has been just one of the strategies that we can minimize the resource we should spend before we examine our product and business assumptions. In the development of the future, is a must for a startup to be dynamic in adapting to the development and operational management needs. For example, when the role of the CEO is getting overloaded with outside activities and supervision of things short-term and long-term the startup, then maybe he could delegate the task to oversee the development of a product to a product manager who dedicated, these roles for instance covers the activities and responsibilities: testing , measuring, and trying.

If a job in finance and administration has started to increase, we can hire people specifically to do so. Was also in this aspect of the business, customer relations, and human capital, everything is supposed to be followed by the development needs of our startup. So if we go with a pattern like this, we will be more precise and objective in building the ideal team for our startup.

Some view of the above may differ depending on the context startup or products. If we had sufficient resources, targeted speed in product delivery, and also targeting the introduction of large-scale brand, then perhaps it is appropriate to expand the team were great and comprehensive from the start. Or if in our team there are only people who know what they want made and also how to make the startup of our products, but not both in the business development strategy, then there is no harm in inviting co-founder with business talent from the outset in our team. What is important in principle, of sharing my sharing this time, that everything we do must be a basic and objective reason why we do that. Because of back and forth, rapidly slow the growth of startup us directly or indirectly elevansi on our decisions in this regard.

Jan 06

Think Twice If Opening Up All The Things About Your Startup To Team Members

team workThink, what would happen if a senior manager was hijacked by competitors?

All list and your relationship with your client will be leaked to competitors, worse yet, all Your strategy – perhaps to Your strategic steps a year ahead will leak as well.

How to solve it? Probably can’t be resolved, you can do a co-founder is limiting the leakage of information.

It is not easy, of course, one way is to just give the information to the team member concerned only. So if the head of The Division was hijacked, he only leaked information in the area that he knows it.

Lest there be team member that can be hijacked (IE. By increase the salary), he could divulge the strategic plan you until some years into the future-related business (marketing) and operational (IT), not to mention the list of clients that he brought, the action plan of Division marketing, IT, expansion plan etc. – this is because you do not restrict the information you provide.

It is even possible, each Division has its own office space – in some startup, it is workable, but also many that are not workable.

Jan 05

Negative Gross Margin Of Startups

profit1Fred Wilson, a Venture Capitalist from US which talk about negative gross margin of startups in Silicon Valley.

Recently in silicon valley there is talk about a company that is growing fast with high valuations will face problems in the next few years.

Bill Gurley, a well-known silicon valley investor, saying “I think we’ll see some jednoro┼╝ce whether to die this year.

Mike Moritz of Sequoia capital and a former board director of google says “there will be a few Unicorns are extinct”

But how quickly will this happen?

The most likely scenario is for the company to print growth and valuation was incredible with a negative gross margin (the price of capital is greater than the sale price aka selling loss).

We see a number of companies with a high growth and gross margin – negative – get funding, which means they sell cheaper than the cost of making their products/services.

Can be either “on-demand” service provider which subsidizes the cost of the workers inside the trains so the service that he looks more expensive than it looks. Why on demand startup doing this approach? Of course build demand for its service. The idea is to make the user’s “locked” with service, house cleaning services, ride sharing service, food delivery service, and other services by throwing them into the market with a price that is very attractive, and at the moment the user already “addiction”, they can increase the price of its service.

Another example, the startup could also provide service for startups, such as feature grind through the API, service payment processing via an API, a service that lets companies pay a specific benefit to employees. Examples of this service have real costs (e.g. Programmers) to build their products, but they do not charge at the customer and decided to subsidize its service to gain market share. The result was rapid growth, but the negative gross margin. Once again, companies that do this are hoping when they successfully download the scale of user and user has been “addicted”, they can raise prices.

There are again some examples of companies with negative gross margins, but the two above categories very often we see (on demand service provider and service for startups)

The problem is, this strategy could be a problem, if when want to raise prices, or use volume to lower costs, to generate positive gross margins, it could be more difficult than calculated. If there’s another startup that competed with you and provide a kind of service, you will not be able to raise prices without losing the customers from competitors. Unless the service you really have a “lock” for the customer (for example ratings and testimonials online shop in the marketplace, would move to another marketplace? Not easy) but, most don’t have a lock like this. Use volume to lower the price (ask price is cheaper than the provider/supplier/merchant) may be able to walk, but again if there are similar, then the service provider that you have requested a discount could be moved to competitors who provide higher prices.

The point is, the only way so that this strategy could be running is you can get a monopoly position in the market and you are the only entity looking place/a living for the customer and supplier. But if you see the massive startup capital circulating on the ecosystem and the growing number of young entrepreneur who started the business with a variety of similarity, it’s not easy for most companies achieve a position of monopoly.

Yes, there will be some that are successful with this strategy, became the leading edge than competitors, gaining tremendous funds to kick competitors from the market, it will work well for some startup, but not as much as people think.

And most companies who use this strategy will find that the financier will someday lose patience with this strategy and forcing them to get a positive margin, where growth also means cutting growth and could-be zero gross margin but with “arouse” unusually large business valuation and this is seen by Gurley and Moritz. They are not alone.

Dec 29

Are You An Entrepreneur?

entepreneurshipTry googling the following sentence “are you an entrepreneur?” an awful lot of questions to yourself before starting a business.

Here are 10 traits of a young entrepreneur who is collected from various sources.

Always looking for opportunities. This is an initial definition of an entrepreneur. Any issues that you feel, see, hear is an opportunity.

Who you work all the time, every day, and the time it could not be determined? A entrepreneur not working 9-5, 9-9, sometimes even 9 – 2.

Good health. You can’t answer “Yes” to the number 2 above, before you are given health and discipline all the time.

You have a unique product or service? Most of the young entrepreneur has a myriad of ideas, and most haven’t thought of others. But experiencing the dilemma does not know which to choose. The trick is to find one idea which is really promising and have the discipline to not select another idea.

Do you want to do at this time to sacrifice long-term success? Do not be surprised when people around you start asking “what are you still sane?”as they see your life isn’t like a normal person, irregular working hours, they may be right, but you know that you are doing it for long term success.

Honesty and integrity. Often we have a partner or co-worker without a contract legally. This is because you have to move fast, and in the end you have no legal basis in case of something. Then, you should work with someone who is honest and has integrity. That is, your own absolute must have high integrity and honesty.

You have a vision far into the future, but have the ability to focus on what you do at this time. An entrepreneur is a blend of: a dreamer, one who sometimes not realistic, and have a strong desire to get what you want. You have to focus on what you do at this time while looking at ‘ something big ‘, as well as the often ignored the rest. “Focus on what you do at this time” is the stuff of routine should you prepare to survive in the business world such as making proposals, presented the project, a lobbying partner and performing billing project. “Having the vision forward” is what you’ll wake up 10 years from now. We do not know what happened this week, next month, let alone a year. The next time we do not know at all. However, the continuation of a long-term trend can actually be seen, although we don’t know the exact time.

Confident as an entrepreneur and proud against your vision. Show us that you’re proud of against your vision! Thus, people who believe in your vision will come closer.

Discipline. It is closely associated with many of the properties in this list, you must be disciplined in observing the health (number 2), then you could work hard (number 3), so you can focus on one product or service that you have chosen (number 4)

Ready to say, “I don’t know, but I would think.”Entrepreneurship should be a generalist. They mastered one thing very well, but he must know about many other things, because sometimes he had to do it all yourself, such as bookkeeping, recruiting, make sales, an entrepreneur should also have the capability of taking good decisions, such as having to hire an offshore merchant account the right people to do the job.

Nov 06

Narrowing Your Search for Components Using Online Resources

search part online

People who work in various skilled industries need to have parts and components on hand for a variety of projects. When you run out of a certain part, you must put your work on hold until the inventory is replenished. If you want to stock up on parts or search for specialized supplies for one-of-a-kind project, you may want to look beyond what any of the local parts dealers can offer you. You can use the online prompts to look for items like OEM parts without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

You have several ways to search for what you need for your work. If you know the parts numbers, you can enter the numbers into the appropriate field and then get a full listing of parts that match that information. If you do not know the numbers, you can enter a description of the part you need into the description field. This information could be enough for you to find the items you need so that you can make a purchase and have the shipment delivered to your house or business.

Like many skilled workers, you may have a limited budget to order the things you need for your shop. When you want to avoid paying full retail price, you might fare better to bid on the items through an online auction. Using the eBay link, you can search for the parts up for sale and then submit your bid. Once the auction ends, you will find out if you won and can get the parts you need. If the auction allows you to buy the inventory outright, you also might take advantage of that option. It could still allow you to save money and have the shipment sent out to you immediately.

Some people would rather check out the parts in person and handle them before buying them. If you are one who prefers in-person shopping, you can find out the warehouse’s address on the business’ website. The warehouse is located in Austin and is open certain hours of the day. You can visit it and shop in person if you are in the area. You can also use the customer service contact number to call the company if you need help buying items online. It may be encouraged that you set up an online account first.

Nov 03

What Is A Startup? How The Development Of The World Of Business Startup

success startupWhat is a Startup? Probably still a lot of people who have not understood the term. The Word Startup means the Act or process of starting a new organization or business venture. According to Wikipedia, the Startup referred to a company that not long ago. These companies are largely a new company was founded and is in a phase of development and research to find the right market.

The above definition is probably more on terminology, but according to the authors would be easier if the term Startup interpreted as a new company that is being developed. Began to develop late 90s until 2000, in fact the term Startup many “mated” with all the smells of technology, web, internet and related to the domain. Why did it happen?

If we look back it turned out it happens because the term itself started Startup internationally popular during the dot-com bubble, then what’s the dot-com bubble? dot-com bubble phenomenon is when during the period (1998-2000) many dot-com companies founded simultaneously.

At that time being intensively company opened a personal website. The more people who know the internet as new fields to start his business. And that time anyway, the Startup was born and developed. Startup of the new company not only in touch with technology, cyberspace, applications or product, but could also be about services and economic movement of grassroots people could independently without the help of corporations-corporations and established.

There is information about the characteristics of a company that can classify a startup. Some characteristics of these Startup companies are:

  • The age of the company is less than 3 years
  • Number of employees less than 20 people
  • Income is less than $ 100,000/year
  • Still in developing stage
  • Generally operate in the field of technology
  • The products are made in the form of applications in digital form
  • Usually operate through the website

From these characteristics may seem that startup more leaning to moving companies in technology and the web. But the fact of the matter is indeed like that, now the development of a common company name labeled startup is a company that deals with the world of techno and online.
The Startup world in Indonesia

Development by Startup could be said fairly rapidly uplifting. Each year, even each month many co-founder, co-founder (owner) emerging Startup. Potential internet users increasingly rising from year to year is certainly a wetland to build a Startup.

Based on some research, according to the latest data of We Are Social, active internet users worldwide now reaches 31.7 billion figures. From year to year, the number of internet users grew to 7.6 percent. The growth of internet users also has an effect on the growth of social media and mobile users. According to the same report, active social media users now reach 2.2 billion, while mobile users reach 3.7 billion, imagine how many internet users in the next few years. Besides the increased purchasing power in line with the rise in per capita income of people in the developing world influenced the development of the digital industry.

Startup classified in three groups, the Startup game creators, educational applications and Startup Startup trade such as e-commerce and information. According to her educational games and applications Startup have market potential and open. This is because the process of making educational games and applications is relatively easy.

The most important thing is to set up a Startup is a solid team, due to the presence of a solid team can bring up new ideas in creative and innovative. With the right ideas and execution, is certainly the founder will have no trouble attracting people’s interest or find investors.

In an interview conducted by a reporter of economic News for Molly Nagler (Startup Mentors in Silicon Valley), Molly says that almost all Startup failed, but the failure of it should not be seen as something negative because there are still many positive sides in it. The point is if a co-founder of Startup failed during execution so he had the opportunity to learn something new and new science, such as the concept of trial and error in General.

Sep 12

How to Prepare To Establish Startup

startupOne day Steve Wozniak, not Jobs – when playing in the Homebrew Computer Club invented a device that ultimately created the word “Personal Computer.”

This time it was Steve Jobs – then keen to market the device, first he asked his boss at the time at Atari, Nolan Bushnell, to fund and rebuffed. Mike Markkula (ex Fairchilds and Intel) saw an opportunity and fund young Woz and Jobs. Then from there the business startup named Apple was born.

What distinguishes the “startup” with a company is basically the process of formation of the company, general paradigm is that a startup company departs from the idea while departing from the capital.

This paradigm is reinforced by the history of his birth Fairchilds, the startup’s first semi-conductor in the United States – perhaps the world. In short Fairchilds born of defection 8 smart engineers from Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory and found Fairchilds Semiconductors with the cost of the Sherman Fairchild.

Forming part of a startup and the company is the same, namely; ideas, skills, guts, and hockey. Sustainability components: capital and beneficiaries. But very often the opinion of those are all the companies are one-man show – although it is true for some companies – many of which are the result of great teamwork.

Myth one man show is usually what makes a business (either startup or not) stalled, or not moving anywhere. It feels like there is a culture that is becoming a trend for entrepreneurs, where they become too scared to compete or share. Whereas the components above can not usually be carried out by one person only.

Most startups with all the independent spirit of idealism and sometimes feel that they can move without the help of others. And sometimes this causes problems in the end.

Sep 11

These The Reasons Why Online Businesses Suitable for Side Business

online business1Online business opportunities very probably serve as a sideline that generates considerable revenue to increase revenue. Moreover, with the current conditions that are rife with social media. No doubt from some of the success stories of the employees running an online business, then more and more other employees who are trying to follow in his footsteps. So what are the reasons which could then make an online business is suitable as a sideline? Here’s his review.

1. Online Business Can Do Anywhere

The first reason online business opportunities suitable for a side business is not dependent places. Yes, the online business it can be done anywhere as long as it is connected to the Internet network. From here, the employee will not be tied to a place because you can run this business on the road, at home, at meals, in places of entertainment or office during recess. Ease of place that makes an online business the right to serve as a sideline employee.

2. Online Business Has Flexible Time

Leisure and loose is the main reason for the emergence of a sideline. For those of you who have limited time with the main work, the online business offers you a highly flexible to run. With an online business, you will indeed be able to run for 24 hours and 7 days a week. Whenever you like to do, then when it is also able to run the business. Infinite time is then much makes employees interested in taking the plunge to try his luck in the online business.

3. Online Business Not Require Large Cost

In running an online business opportunity, you do not bother to set up a physical store and a helter-skelter do a stock of goods that require a great cost. With the online system, you can create an online store with a very low price even for free. Stock or inventory you need not bother, because you can run the system dropshipper. Running an online business opportunity just makes you have to set up a device, the Internet network and encouragement to continue to strive to be the best. For employees who have worked offline of course it will increasingly make online businesses more appropriate for them to do.

4. Making Online Business Promotion

Increasingly Easy A was kind indeed any business and will definitely need promotion. When you’re struggling with a flurry of activity and offices, would sideline the concept offline will often make a hassle to set up a promotion. But if you choose an online business, then it is not going to happen. Because with an online business, you can do promotions with easy and inexpensive even free. By utilizing social media and instant messaging, you are able to do promotion without the hassle out of office and leaving the main job.

5. Business Online Powered by The Broad Internet network

The development of the increasingly extensive Internet network will also create business opportunities online is a good option for your office employees. Almost all offices have now been equipped with internet network. By utilizing this, then you can just run an online business during recess office or even when you are assigned outside the city.

6. Online Business Have a Large Opportunities

Lastly, the reasons that make online business opportunity is perfect for a side business is a very large market share. The employees who have limited time to implement business strategies and promotion would be greatly helped by the magnitude of the market share that you can work on only with finger gestures. And you need not worry if you do not use offline promotion, because the online market share is now very big for you to work on and you make something for the success of this online sideline.

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