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Jun 04

Marketing in the Digital Age

Marketing used to encompass paper and radio advertising, making these outlets very lucrative and straightforward for both businesses and providers. Today’s marketing is mainly concentrated at a digital level. From website hits to social media followers, companies of all shapes and sizes can be successful with perfected digital marketing management. Marketing in the digital age …

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May 18

Easy Formula To Choosing And Build a Business

You’ve got the spirit, the capital that has been prepared, and the business idea very much. But many choices make you more confused which one should take. Examples can quickly restore the culinary capital, while fortunately very lucrative property. Which do you choose? Here are four simple formula for selecting business ideas and build businesses …

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Jan 15

How To Increase The Company’s Productivity and Lower Health Care Costs With Wellness Programs

Uscheduled absenteeism costs your company up to $3,500 per employee per year, according to a report by the Workforce Institute. Whether you employ fewer than 100 or more than 10,000 staff, absenteeism not only costs you money directly, it increases stress in coworkers left to pick up the slack, who perceive a 30 percent loss …

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Oct 22

Blogging in the High-Tech Industry

Entrepreneurs who heavily invest in technology need to establish a solid online reputation in order to reach out to potential consumers. There is no better way to promote new innovative products or even concepts than on a personal website. Otherwise, consumers rely on third-party websites that supposedly provide impartial reviews. A blogging platform can be …

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Aug 11

Of Memories, Jesse Podell Had Founded A Startup

While his friends are still struggling with the transactions on Wall Street, Jesse Podell wanted to create something useful not only for himself but also others. After 13 years of working there, he again became a man, he said, not like when he was a trader. Now Podell undergo entrepreneurial career as a Vice President …

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Jan 05

4 the Phase Traversed B2B Startup

There are benefits in regulating the life cycle of a startup into several stages of generic. With simple stages, it would be easy to deliver and focus on what’s important while talking with the entrepreneur (e.g. how often you hear the entrepreneur worries about developing its products when they don’t yet have the consumer). Here …

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