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May 19

No Need to Be Entrepreneur to Teach the Entrepreneurship

Most people think that in teaching entrepreneurship in schools and colleges or institutions of formal education, one must be an entrepreneur first. However, according to teachers and female entrepreneurs from India Saras Saravathy, become entrepreneurs before teaching entrepreneurship is not an absolute requirement. He claimed that all depends on the goal of teaching entrepreneurship. “If …

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Feb 19

Business School is not the same as the Entrepreneurship School

Most people Assume that the business school (business school) and the school of entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship schools) is the same. However, both the Department of higher education are two different things. People who study in the fields of business, bigger is directed to employees as well as business owners. While when someone goes into entrepreneurship school, …

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Jan 17

‘ GirlTECH ‘ San Diego Young Women Thrust to Hone Skills computing fun

A number of universities in Southern California say they have joined us in the industry groups in a program to encourage young women to study and apply the computer skills. The Program “GirlTECH San Diego”, the non-profit collaborative community program began this month with a partnership that includes the University of California at San Diego, …

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Jan 01

Here’s 10 Campuses Producing CEOs of Fortune Global 500

Although not 100% guarantee your success as an entrepreneur, your place studying it also has a major role. Grade campus allows potential entrepreneurial person more evolved and honed in the future. Then where the college graduates who have entrepreneurs the most superior in the world today? Times Higher Education magazine conducted a survey to answer …

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Aug 19

Five Books References In Order To Be Successful Entrepreneur

When it Decided to start his own business, there is a considerable amount of a reference that could help aspiring entrepreneurs Became billionaires in the young. Unfortunately, many reference sources are quite unremarkable, even misleading, useless at all. Have access to resources that can guide aspiring new entrepreneurs is a critical point to Achieve long-term …

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Jul 29

Where A University most Produce Young Entrepreneur?

When you read a lot of articles lately about various entrepreneur, you can observe that a number of successful startup founder is a young entrepreneur who graduated from renowned universities of the world. The founders of this are usually high educated at leading universities in the U.S. (known as “The Ivy League“). Alumni status to …

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Jul 03

Uncertainty Which Should be Faced Entrepreneur by Frank H. Knight

Economist Frank H. Knight wrote a book titled “Risk Uncertainty and Profit” which is based on his dissertation at Columbia University. In his book, detailing the differences Knight economic risks and uncertainties. In his book, he classifies three types of uncertainty: 1. Risks: Risks that can be measured statistically (such as the probability of taking …

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Jul 01

Entrepreneur Still Need Lecture

Many people are obsessed with becoming an entrepreneur then left college after reading the success stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and many successful businessmen who drop out in their youth. But, you know higher education for an entrepreneur to finish still better for an entrepreneur than none at all? A recent study from the …

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Jun 28

Six Risks For Which Deciding To Be Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs often depicted with innovative people who can build his own business. They are said to have its own character such as personality, work ethic and charisma different. Becoming an entrepreneur also has risks. So what are the risks? Here’s his review: 1. Taste No Less Confident Not cocky, but confident. As you see it-even, …

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Jun 25

Character Of An Entrepreneur

In order to succeed, an entrepreneur must have the characters a particular behaviours. Therefore, an entrepreneur is human choices appearing different than most humans. They certainly have advantages-advantages. Geoffrey g. Meredith, an economist with the world posited characteristics that should belong to a successful entrepreneur. These characters include: * Believe in yourself An entrepreneur must …

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