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Sep 13

Stanford University Successfully Built a conducive Learning Environment for Entrepreneurship

Stanford University is recognized companies to be one of the most entrepreneurial universities in the world. Estimated University graduates if merged into one independent State will be Able to produce its own economy wheels with a total value of 2.7 billion U.S. dollars. According to a study by Charles William Miller, Eesley and Stanford graduates …

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Sep 06

Five Enjoyment Being Entrepreneur

For those of you who have never felt being an entrepreneur, no doubt you’re wondering exactly what are the pleasures of being an entrepreneur. The following are the five pleasures of being an entrepreneur: a. Doing business in accordance with the terms of the preferred By doing the work in accordance with the preferred field …

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Jul 17

The importance of Mastering the principles of Leadership quality For Entrepreneurs

The character of future entrepreneurs who will be successful are those who can, lead by adopting the humanist culture into the company, managed to adapt and create a harmonious atmosphere with his partner. What are the qualities required to become a successful entrepreneur owned oriented far ahead? Here is the must-have qualities of a leader …

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Feb 19

Business School is not the same as the Entrepreneurship School

Most people Assume that the business school (business school) and the school of entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship schools) is the same. However, both the Department of higher education are two different things. People who study in the fields of business, bigger is directed to employees as well as business owners. While when someone goes into entrepreneurship school, …

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Feb 13

8 Startup Founder Properties

The success of a startup originates in the mind of its founder and the team working on it. A startup is a team of winners contains intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs who build and run the business as an extension of their identity, rather than simply as an imitation of Google or Facebook. It is not easy …

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Feb 06

Less research, India Just Restart Shutdown Startup Technology from outside

Startup ecosystem continues to be built in India. A number of major problems that are faced by entrepreneurs in India, such as the availability of professional and competent mentors, funding, and so on. Senapathy Gopalakrishnan said or what is known as Kris Gopalakrishnan (Executive Vice Chairman of Infosys) that the startup ecosystem in the country …

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Jan 05

4 the Phase Traversed B2B Startup

There are benefits in regulating the life cycle of a startup into several stages of generic. With simple stages, it would be easy to deliver and focus on what’s important while talking with the entrepreneur (e.g. how often you hear the entrepreneur worries about developing its products when they don’t yet have the consumer). Here …

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Nov 27

3 Quality Readings to be read at the end of year Holidays

With the increasing proximity of the year-end holidays, the right to establish quality reading materials to enrich your insight at your leisure. From reading other types of readings is less beneficial for your personal development as a young entrepreneur, read some book startup. Although there are a number of great entrepreneur books, Let’s select three …

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Aug 19

Five Books References In Order To Be Successful Entrepreneur

When it Decided to start his own business, there is a considerable amount of a reference that could help aspiring entrepreneurs Became billionaires in the young. Unfortunately, many reference sources are quite unremarkable, even misleading, useless at all. Have access to resources that can guide aspiring new entrepreneurs is a critical point to Achieve long-term …

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Jul 29

Where A University most Produce Young Entrepreneur?

When you read a lot of articles lately about various entrepreneur, you can observe that a number of successful startup founder is a young entrepreneur who graduated from renowned universities of the world. The founders of this are usually high educated at leading universities in the U.S. (known as “The Ivy League“). Alumni status to …

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