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Oct 22

Blogging in the High-Tech Industry

Entrepreneurs who heavily invest in technology need to establish a solid online reputation in order to reach out to potential consumers. There is no better way to promote new innovative products or even concepts than on a personal website. Otherwise, consumers rely on third-party websites that supposedly provide impartial reviews. A blogging platform can be …

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Apr 01

So secret that Make You a Successful Entrepreneur

Most people think that it could make a successful entrepreneur is the ability to innovate. Even so, many companies are standing by the mirror of the existing business model. Author of the book “Business to Business,” James said Geoffrey innovation may be a variation of the supply of products and services to consumers. Being innovative …

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Jan 03

How Can You Become a Young Millionaire?

If you were like most teenagers, it was all you could do to survive the trials and tribulations of junior high and co-existing with the opposite sex. But Jennifer Kushell had more than boys and school on her mind back then. At 13, she started her first small business-creating and selling hand-painted T-shirts. By the …

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Aug 01

Formulating a Strategy Before Starting Your Business

Don’t expect a strategy to guarantee success. Many companies spend a lot of time developing the wrong strategy. GoldPocket Interactive Inc.’s initial strategy was about running large-scale, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” type events across the Internet. It didn’t happen. The revenue model was weak, and they couldn’t make enough money. Other companies punt …

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