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Mar 20

Five Major Sacrifice Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Many people dream of being a successful entrepreneur, but only a handful of them are able to make it happen. Able to be a successful entrepreneur is not easy. In addition to hard work and persistence are big, a successful entrepreneur must also be willing to sacrifice what her disposal. Are you ready to become …

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Dec 29

Are You An Entrepreneur?

Try googling the following sentence “are you an entrepreneur?” an awful lot of questions to yourself before starting a business. Here are 10 traits of a young entrepreneur who is collected from various sources. Always looking for opportunities. This is an initial definition of an entrepreneur. Any issues that you feel, see, hear is an …

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Mar 06

How Does A Resume Shape Someone Else’s Goals?

When people take a look at something like Sukanto Tanoto’s resume, they are going to learn quickly what they need to do in order to become as successful as they want. This success does not come cheap, and there are many people who want to see what their favorite businessmen did when they were rising …

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Nov 26

Impact Entrepreneurship–Business with Social Conscience

Though the term “Impact Entrepreneurship” is trending, the concept has been around forever. Simply put, it is the idea that people can build a profitable business while addressing a social need. Impact entrepreneurship can take on the face of a non-profit organization meeting needs of third world countries, and it can mean a company that …

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Nov 07

Glossary of terms in the world of Startup

You now want to start selling or even being pioneering business. Of course, in the lead it is you must have a vast business network. Here are some recipes that you can do to build your business network. Do not be so shy The startup world have shared the term confusing to the novice entrepreneur. …

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Oct 02

Good Leadership Sets the Direction that Everyone Wants to Follow

Just because you’re the boss doesn’t mean you are a good leader. You may have the last word, but it could be based on mediocrity. Good leadership requires creative thinking and the ability to be flexible and adapt when facing problems. You must be able to inspire others to see and pursue your vision, according …

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Sep 18

Part of the Entrepreneurship Process Not Many Know

There are so many parts in the process of entrepreneurship that lay people have yet to know and understand. According to serial entrepreneur Mike Sellers in perspective there are a few things that are often missed by beginners as young entrepreneur wants to enter in the world of business. Among these is the risk of …

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May 19

No Need to Be Entrepreneur to Teach the Entrepreneurship

Most people think that in teaching entrepreneurship in schools and colleges or institutions of formal education, one must be an entrepreneur first. However, according to teachers and female entrepreneurs from India Saras Saravathy, become entrepreneurs before teaching entrepreneurship is not an absolute requirement. He claimed that all depends on the goal of teaching entrepreneurship. “If …

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Jan 01

Here’s 10 Campuses Producing CEOs of Fortune Global 500

Although not 100% guarantee your success as an entrepreneur, your place studying it also has a major role. Grade campus allows potential entrepreneurial person more evolved and honed in the future. Then where the college graduates who have entrepreneurs the most superior in the world today? Times Higher Education magazine conducted a survey to answer …

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Dec 12

The power Limitation (Business Lessons from Dr. Seuss)

In 1960, two people each bet. Although betting is only involves two people, its impact affects millions of other people. People first, Bennett Cerf, is the founder of publishing company, Random House. The second man named Theo Geisel, but you might know him as Dr. Seuss. Cerf proposes a bet and challenging that Dr. Seuss …

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